About Me

I started this site, Indieperfumes, in 2006, where I mainly write about American and European hand made and micro niche perfumes.

Currently I can say I have tried a lot of perfumes,  and I continue to buy and am sometimes sent small samples of  new things. I continue to be amazed at the imaginative and subtle perfumes being made now. The indiependent and niche perfumes of North America and Europe are the ones I have closest access to and which have expanded my olfactory palate. I have a special affection for and focus on skillfully hand made perfumes, or those that reflect the refined sensibility of an individual perfumer. 

I hope  my enthusiasm draws more people to experience these perfumes or themselves. That would connect everything I do more fully to what has become one of the great pleasures in my life, a developed sense of smell for the beautiful. 

If you have samples you would like to send me, please be mindful that I am most interested in independent and small niche perfumers.  Please contact me at lraubertas at gmail dot com for address or for further information.  Since I write long pieces which are essay like, I can't promise I will review whatever is sent me. I do go through everything and those perfumes and related projects that inspire me are woven into posts on an ongoing basis.

This site is non commercial. All here is my own opinion which is purely personal.  The images I use are mostly from Pinterest and Tumblr and I link to or caption with credit as much as I can track down.  If you have further information on credit for an image please contact me at lraubertas at gmail dot com 

This site is protected by Copyright: no copying without my personal written permission is allowed.

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