May 30, 2018

Iris 3 - Niral EdP by Neela Vermeire Creations

Rain/Iris at BBG this May 2018 photo by Lucy Raubertas

This is the third of the Iris perfumes that have found their way to me at this change of the season. It's not a coincidence.

The soothing qualities of the Iris in Niral are perfect for this currently chaotic and harsh period.

The perfume calms and acts to sync a personal balance of the physical, emotional and mental. Interesting how the nose has that ability, to unite an individual's body emotions and mind.

As a beautiful experience, it's not an intoxication, as some perfumes are. As much as I love that kind of perfume experience, I know it's one that makes you forget yourself and reality. This one is so thoughtful and delicate and detailed and subtle it raises awareness. Taking pleasure in its beauty refines the soul.

The mood is meditative, requiring attention and focus. There is also the important element of sophistication. It helps me understand more about the elements of elegance and composure.

This scent aura brings your own attention away from the loudest voices in the room, with soft power.
This is one of the softest perfumes I know. 

It is like wearing a fine fabric tinged with the scent of iris, powdered wood, and musk while moving through a pure atmosphere refreshed by florals. The trick of it is it requires attention. It seems to hold close to the skin but then it reaches out when I focus on it, mentally. Then it envelops me to become the most important presence. It disappears when I'm distracted. I often am these days, as are many, understandably so. But I have to experience it on its terms, and it rewards with peace and beauty. 

Reminds me of wearing something bias cut, in a close-cropped, soft silk-velvet or suede texture. You might forget you are wearing it as you might forget your clothing, but then you feel it and become one with it. It enhances body heat and clean skin and melds with you in a refreshing and enjoyable way. It quietly brings you back to yourself. This may be the sandalwood effect, famously meditative, which grows.

Wardle Silk embroidery at the Silk Museum by William Morris 'Indian Poppy' design
The inspiration is once again, with this perfume house, an interaction between cultures, anchored by India. In this case, India and England. Additionally as always, a classical French presence within its sense of perfume style. Each one is very much itself here. Makes me realize how they've affected and changed each other so much it's doubtful that they could ever pull completely apart now.

The perfumes name Niral's meaning in English is -- unique, calm, serene.

The inspiration came from how a colonial period British industrial specialist in silk (Sir Thomas Wardle) worked with the Indian wild silk trade. He developed new dye processes that expanded the market for Indian silk in Europe. The results inspired Western artists of the period and popularized Indian aesthetics as combined with Western tastes.

From the NVC site:

NIRAL, through its blend of rich raw materials is an ode to this quietly forceful silk ambassador. The perfume opens with iris, tea and liqueur notes weaving an intricate pattern with floral notes and spices akin to the textural delight of a piece of tussar silk, and symbolizing a unique relationship between two countries linked by a common heritage.
Notes are listed as Angelica, Champagne Accord, Iris, Tea, Rose, Magnolia, Cedar, Sandalwood, Leather.

Photo from Extrait - il Magazine del Profumo

The materials are, as always with NVC, of the highest quality. The collaboration between perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour and creative director Neela Vermeire enhance each other's special areas of expertise. NVC's demonstrated range between bold, rich, and subtle is wide to express specific inspirations anchored in Indian and European cultures and their interactions.  

This is presented in a heavy bottomed fluted flacon, resting in a pale gold silk lined violet box. 

Disclosure: I received a sample personally from Neela Vermeire and discussed this perfume and perfume in general with her. 

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