February 12, 2018

Anatole Lebreton - Bois Lumiere EdP

The Golden Forest - Gustav Klimt

This is one of those love it or not perfumes. I do love it to the exceptional degree that I got myself a full size while sampling. I have Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens already, but while they are both honey themed they are distinctively different enough that they exist in a different mood and atmosphere.
You must try a sample on yourself to see if you are one of the lucky ones it suits so well. Because if you are, as I am, it's a true love that answers in depth to satisfy scent cravings you may not consciously be aware of. It's as rich and dimensional as a fully natural perfume, yet has the tenacity and reach of a French classic.

With a tone that is reminiscent of certain vintage perfumes, there is yet a modernist lightness that is pervasive. It bonds with the skin closely and thereby transforms in an individualist way. For me, it is soft, fluffy comfort fragrance, that generates its own candlelit heat and light.  It's as if honey has dripped over an aromatic wood, penetrated and dried there, and then was sawn, so that the sawdust releases a fragrant aromatic powder of celestial beauty.  The wood is true and stays present throughout wear, while carried by a dry honey. Honey might make you believe this is a sweet perfume, but this is not the taste but rather the scent of a rich natural thick honey still mixed with its beewax and a bit of pollen,  capturing the warmth of the summer sun.

Photo from the Anatole Lebreton website

It's a highly versatile perfume. I have tried it across a range of occasions. Wearing what I call rough and ready clothes to go for a  long walk after it's been raining hard for two days, in clogs and a fuzzy sweater under the coat, its warmth and grace are an ornament. It's perfect to read or listen to music to, on the sofa or in bed, something like a warm pet sitting beside you, cat or dog, a calm if lively breath that follows your own. It's good for going out to dinner, as it holds close and its dry honey combines well with almost every kind of food.

From the Livestrong site on Raw Honey
The dry wood set beside the thick honey equally releasing into the air from skin is an exquisite perfume experience. Full on immediately upon application, it calms over hours into a sense of vitality and balance that can influence the mood if you are at all susceptible to such accurate references to natural materials. Honey and wood are likely to be among those many have directly experienced throughout life. This perfume is one of those that reminds you that so much in life is so good, regardless of whatever chaos or difficulty may be on the front burner.

For those who love perfume for this particular enchanting quality, it's full bottle worthy once you have determined by sampling that your skin is compatible and can work with it. I found it a great pleasure and a graceful ornament to my days.

Notes, per Luckyscent in Los Angeles, where you can get samples or full size anywhere in the USA via online mail order:

Corsican juniper, clary sage, mandarin, fir balsam, honey, rose, carnation, immortelle, beeswax, atlas cedar, benzoin. 

The range of these notes moderate and hold aspects of the dominant theme to render it elegant and smooth.

Available in several European capital cities at fine perfume shops, and also the Lebreton website, which lists all the stockists.

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