July 1, 2017

Imaginary Authors: Violet Disguise, Every Storm a Serenade, Saint Julep

Evocative biographical notes, labels of collaged imagery, Imaginary Authors builds stories fulfilled in perfume. They are casual yet glamorous, and each one a detailed slice of life.

These three remind me of early Sixties American film. A few focused sentences, colors, fragrance notes, make this vivid impression. I get the distinct feeling these people have actually lived. These perfumes are like a record of their adventures, time capsules, souvenirs. I can picture their hands on the steering wheel, as they travel from one phase of life into the next. I can imagine them alone at their writing, lost in memory and imagination. It's rare for me that the perfume stories amplify the effect of the fragrances themselves as these do.

These three are mood perfumes, aura-like airs, spatial and open. There is a spacious atmosphere in these IA perfumes. The style is one of openness, establishing a calming distance. Like entering a room with a high ceiling and graceful proportions. Never heavy, close, or immediate. More to establish a sense of possibility, making room to move. Soothing, open, gentle, these perfumes create an easy atmosphere. I find they soften the extremes in intense summer months.

Violet Disguise

Includes the Evening Air, the Month of May, Plum, Violet, Dried Fruits, Balsam and Amber. This blend uses the soft power of a mild amber to tie together greens that edge a violet hiding under grassy shade. Set beside the quiet sap flowing through a cool evergreen. It opens up the air, as Magic Hour begins to pick out the details, an enhancement.

Captures the beautiful evening air in a mild climate and surrounds you with it.

As expressed by Imaginary Author Leonora Blumberg: “Invigorated by the reckless blooms of spring she took to the street like a blossom on the breeze.” She keeps her lipstick on. There is a cosmetic enhancement aspect to one's persona in wearing this perfume.

Reaching out to arm's length, this is no sillage monster, but rather a refreshment that holds on. Plum and other dried fruits round out the effect to a full curve that keeps going.

Notes in this line often reveal certain distilled aspects of themselves.  In this case it's an aspect of plum, rather than its full complicated tangy sweetness, not the full-length photo-realistic portrait. It's the plum's smooth balmy lushness only, kept in a zone of balance, neither warm nor cool. Staying in this medium zone of steady balance is exactly what I am looking for right now. Especially now when surrounded by extremes of weather or news or some other urgency. A relaxing perfume, in the best possible way.

Every Storm a Serenade

Notes listed as Danish Spruce, Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Calone, Ambergris & Baltic Sea Mist. The impending storm with a metallic salty tang to the air. Blue-grey skies, fresh wind, oxygen freshness released by ice melting in sea water. This atmosphere is bigger than you are. Surrounds you with the refreshment of condensation, rainfall, air moved by tides. An antidote to any form of seething. 

Opposite to a heavy atmosphere of humidity, this captures moisture at the moment it turns into rain.

Marine air, again not a close portrait, but a mood. It's a step outside, to refresh yourself. Opens with strength, that sense your blood is cleansed by this freshness. Spruce needles buoyant on waves of cool sea water. It quiets down quickly, then becomes an aura perfume, one to experience as a cool smooth cloak, your personal cloud of refreshment.  An affair with a Danish seafarer, as the copy says. You carry your own free air with you wherever you go with this.

To set summer heat at a distance, take this minted iced refreshment, calm the harsh sun. Notes: Sweet Mint, Tangerine, Southern Magnolia, Bourbon, Grisalva, Sugarcube, Crushed Ice.

This is a cloud that blends all these notes so well that it's a trip to a slow dance hall at night after work all day. The top is down, the soft night air rushing past is this fragrance. Contains a little intoxication with everything, dials the burn down from your hot skin.

I admire the spaciousness of this fragrance as it holds the most subtle edges of the notes together. It increases the volume of liquid soft air. A cool drink that relaxes your shoulders. It may change your perspective. It may ease uncomfortable tension, increase courtesy with charm. It's clean and open and full and round. It's about taking your time to enjoy just being here. Like a comfortable simple cotton shirt on the skin, as refreshment in itself. Mint in water, that coolness magnifies the cool water it rests on. Contains a Southern story of transference, one that moves from one kind of blessing into another. Finding relief as a sacred space, an atmosphere that restores you. 

Please see the linked perfume titles to to go directly to the Imaginary Author's site, with more details and information on samples and perfumes. Violet Disguise and Every Storm a Serenade are in my own perfume collection.  Saint Julep sample provided by the perfumer. Thanks to the perfumer Josh Meyer for his samples over time, this unique American indie perfume line is one of the most creative evocative and endearing.

Images above from the perfumer's website.

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