April 11, 2017

Amora by Hendley Perfumes

The sound and sense of the name, Amora, gives you an idea of its soothing and transporting nature. A perfume that reminds me of the everyday things that make life sweet. 

That first bite into a ripe plum. Velvety rose petals. Fragrant sap within trees. The vital warmth of skin to skin, and hints of our
deep relationship with the sea.

Note list: stone fruit, mixed berries, rose absolute, blonde tobacco, sweet resins, musk complex, ambergris.

Grateful that it appeared like a stroke of luck when I needed exactly that. The unexpected sample arrived at the lingering tail end of a hard winter. Bad/sad news coming from all directions. It unfolded as a counterweight, with calm poetic beauty and smooth gentleness.

The central characteristic is warmth and openness. immediately breathing out a pervasive velvet deliciousness. The intimate warm aura emanates from the base notes that remain mixed with florals and fruit. These lie with intensity on the skin's surface. Staining the air, relaxation emanates outwards.

The opening is so engaging I find myself reapplying several times just to go through it again.

The name, and then note list drew me in. This could be the atmosphere of romantic infatuation recreated with elements of nature. This could also be a flame in the dark, warming and scenting a space that includes everyone in its throw.

The style is a refined contemporary one that focuses on harmonies rather than drama.

Genderless, flattering, for anyone, age included. I do get that it comes from a masculine point of view on what luxury is. Put together from the rich, yet more direct and streamlined natural sensations. Their affinities creating warmth. A floral that holds the fruit within it, layered with woods and musks. Wrapped up in fresh, moist, light tobacco leaves. That facet of fresh blonde tobacco might well be the source of the pervasive warmth, as well as the musk and ambergris. Stops well back from becoming a portrait of tobacco, but uses its character for that warmth.

I suggest a few extra sprays into the hair. There's an affinity to all shades of dark hair, all the reds and the darker blondes.

This perfume comes in varied sizes, making it accessible. I for one love to bring perfume along with me. So glad that the travel size is an appealing tall, slender, yet heavy cylinder.

Hans Hendley is one of the most thoughtful and pleasing indieperfumers out there. Hand made, small batch, lovely materials, simple and elegant presentation.

I suggest you check him out on Instagram, too. I saw his beautiful images and short poetic descriptions as evidence of how he operates.

He's a fellow Brooklyn resident, and though we've not met, I know him on Facebook, and recall that one day he had started a great thread asking his friends to name their favorite love songs. That kept growing, and brought up a lot of the most pleasant memories. He seems dedicated to bringing out that aspect in varied ways.

Samples and all sizes are available on his website.

Images above from the Hendley Perfumes website.

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