July 12, 2016

Perfumes of Summer 2016 Part 1

The atmosphere of summer heat and humidity magnifies perfumes. This is the weather that brings out the nuances, the complexity, the details.

Perfumes that are more subtle, gentle, refreshing and relaxing are an olfactory lifeline to sensuality and beauty on those summer days and nights when you can't get away and must deal with the season's extremes.

This summer saw the release of many new beautiful perfumes by indieperfumers who provide individualized slices of aromatic heaven. If you allow yourself to enter into their worlds, I am certain they will help you create new and beautiful sense memories to make this season one you won't forget.

Some of the aromatic highlights of my summer:

Nettuno by Mendittorosa Odori d' Anima, gives you a dive into yourself by reflection, as in a mirror. A metallic plunge beneath the surface. Silvery, smooth, calm, gentle, holding the energy of water as a reviving and refreshing element.  A mystical  aura is thrown over your skin, so you may be and remain centered, with top notes of cyclamen, pink pepper, ginger and nutmeg; rose at the center, and base notes of leather, Haitian vetiver, carrot seeds, iris, benzoin, rum and white musk.

The notes are joined together in a song of refined musk, one that emphasizes the cooler aspects of all the notes, especially the iris, pepper, and ginger. A perfume that holds together. You will not analyze it in order to recognize the individual notes.  Instead you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of fresh cool air toned with the fragrance of a pure vitality and the cleansed atmosphere that rises from the surface of a pool of still reflective deep water. In extrait strength, the velvety soft strength lingers and gives a sense of well being, similar to the one you get when stepping out of the water after a refreshing dip in the summer heat.

The flacons are works of artisanal beauty in and of themselves. This line has that Italian sense of pleasure in materials and symbolic meanings.


Aroma M Geisha Vanilla Hinoki references the Japanese bath, and gives the impression of cleansing, the immersion experience of an open air Hinoki wood bathtub filled with steaming hot water in the cool fresh air of the evergreen forest, with a faint trace of white smoke from the low fire heating the water. The evergreen tones beside subtle vanilla sink into the skin joining these two forms of warmth. Both elements are full and rich, yet so soft that their expansiveness carries itself with a disciplined elegance that has a relaxing, restorative effect. This is an olfactory interpretation of the Japanese way of joining the bracing discipline of simplicity to a sensual appreciation of pleasure and beauty.

The note list of bergamot, hinoki, lavender, leather, patchouli, amyris and cedar wood gives a hint of how the bright and clear beside the balmy and warm work together in an elegant symbiosis.  It comes as an EdP and also an oil based roll on, which is my favorite, and which I find to last until you wash it off. I like that it holds closer to the body, with a slightly stronger, richer tone.


Temperate rainforest in Oregon, photo: vis-a-v. via flickr
Rainmaker by En Voyage is inspired by the perfumer's recent change of scene. After a lifetime near the shores of southern California she has transplanted to the shaded, rainy and darkly forested Pacific Northwest, so the new atmosphere made a great impression that expresses itself as a perfume. A woody amber modern chypre,  this is a soft fresh air combining mossy forest floor, rainy weather and the fragrant earth they create together. A deep, subtle and refreshing tone holds tiny touches of the spicy heart of the feral wild. 

Notes of rose leaf, silver pine tips, wild citrus, incense, patchouli, iris, rhododendron, cedar, fir, Redwood needles, petrichor, oak moss and amber.  Pure extraits, natural and propriety blends developed over a lifetime of experience, the perfumer's classical training often crosses with a distinctive experimental development in natural fragrance materials. 

This is a perfume of restful ease within a wild, romantic landscape. The perfumer combines the sense of clouds heavy with fresh moisture, evaporated from the treetops of primal forest.  A calming sense of release, a soft cloud of all these materials bound together to give a sense of immanent rain.  It holds close to the body but surrounds you with the subtle, detailed grounded calm of a beautiful atmosphere. 


I notice that all three perfumes hold a sense of cleansing and release. These are all calm beauties that bring you into a subtle delicate atmosphere.  Strong enough to hold around you like a cloak of beauty, or a protective force field, or suit of silvery armor that strengthens and contains vitality.
They are all meant for all sexes.

I know all of these perfumers personally and have followed their work avidly over time, so please read more about them on this site and others. Their beguiling perfumes are inventive and creative in ways that surprise, delight and shore up your energy.

Disclosure: samples were received directly from the perfumers.
My posts are independent opinion and not sponsored.
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Images taken from the perfumer's websites, and, as credited per Creative Commons, from Flickr.

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