April 4, 2016

House of Matriarch - Trillium

Great White Trillium in the rain - via Wikipedia

The House of Matriarch has made a perfume experience I have wished for. A natural perfume inspired by a native North American wildflower. The trillium was once common in the North American woods before they were almost all cut down. They are a wild form of lily, and protected in some states. 

It must be a sign of ecological health when you find a trillium in bloom. That spot has been restored to something close to its original condition. It's a good sign when there are enough people who care to preserve the conditions that can make this happen.

The perfumer Christi Meshell has created a fantasy floral, as this plant has no perfume of its own. Trillium is the cool green forest air holding a dreamy and soft warm nectar sweetness that hovers over damp black earth. 

This would be the air you breathe near and around a trillium in the wild. 

The notes listed are - Top: green tea, aglaia, mimosa, chamomile, Middle: black tea, coffee flower, Base: jasmine tea, amber, tolu balsam, cashmere musk.

The perfume rises in a cloud of vitality, with a refreshing energy that is bright and gentle. It's almost an ozonic experience imbued with earth and a mysterious white floral. 

This is not a massive attack perfume experience, there is no darkness, but the soft dirt beneath, moist and fecund. This perfume brought back late Spring/early Summer woodsy walks. This is a beauty that brightens the persona that wears it. 

There was no quick olfactory fatigue, expanding my personal enjoyment far longer than usual. Over time as the base steps forward, the brightness keeps on as a strong tint from beginning to end. 

Natural perfumes are ephemeral so I was surprised at how long this one stays true. It's a stubborn aromatic stain on the skin. It's a wonder that the uplift continues at length and never really departs. 

It's for anytime and anywhere, but for me it's perfect first thing in the morning. Not a gender specific fragrance, I can imagine it worn well if differently by all kinds of people of all ages, and truly modern in that regard. 

Exclusive to Nordstrom, you can find it online if it's not available nearby, in two sizes from $39 to $330. The packaging is serious and beautiful. Dark blue glass preserves natural materials from light exposure. Antiqued copper/bronze detail and a Moroccan aesthetic flavor. 

Photos above from Nordstrom's site, please follow the link for more information and to order. The trillium photo comes from Wikipedia, please follow that link for more info and a bigger view.

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