July 21, 2015

Hiram Green Moon Bloom

Hiram Green's Moon Bloom
Moon Bloom by Hiram Green is a revelation. Somehow Hiram Green made a fully natural and deeply real Tuberose and white flower perfume that is an individualist among the great crowd of wonderful white flower perfumes.

How did I miss this when it was first released? Thank heavens I know it now, having found my sample provided some months ago by Twisted Lily in Brooklyn, when unpacking samples from the fridge after a long trip away.

It holds the indolic richness of these most opulently scented white flowers and somehow, with some magical slight of hand, pulls the heady power back just enough to make it most wearable, translucent and silky, enough so as to climb over that steep hill to elegance and sophistication and modernity.

I realize many have already become familiar with and enamored of this perfume, but I feel in this day in age, there is no such thing as being late to the perfume party.

There may even be those who love perfume and don't know it yet and are waiting for they know not what, so believe me, this may well be it. Especially in this summer heat, it's a rare thing to find a white floral that is so graceful in the midst of the heat waves we've been having this year in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

I've never been interested in being the first to know or write about anything, especially perfume. I see what I am engaged in here not as perfume journalism but as sharing my own enthusiasms as they come to me.

Because of the internet, many beauties across all spectrums become accessible to the seeker just at the time they are needed. It may be that a person not even born at the time a film, perfume or book was first released may find something that speaks to them so personally as to seem like it was made just for them, even years after the release of whatever it was.

Let’s take it for granted as understood that each person has their own singular taste, formed by personal experiences and body chemistry and reaction to particular perfumes and ingredients. 

Night blooming Tuberose - from the Drink Factory,
 see their great article on Tuberose
To find the ones that send you, to learn about where this precious experience is most likely to come from, who the perfumers are and their style, who are your favorites, and what new directions they are exploring, increases the pleasure of fragrances almost exponentially. 

 It's a tree of knowledge that grows within from experience, which reacts to the other events in your life that demand different things for different times, stages, and occasions. Personal experience crossed with perfume develops taste.

Many online sites where perfumes are written about in depth expand into connection to personal experiences and social interactions, references to other art forms like poetry and film, pop art and classics, fashion and independence from following fashion. There are so many really beautifully written perfume sites online it’s difficult to keep up with them all.

There are so many new perfume releases every year, that it is truly impossible to keep up with them all as they are released. Eventually after trying different things, reading about the classics and the new, meeting and talking to a number of people who each have their own take on the state of these affairs, you begin to develop strong areas of primary interest of your own, and one love leads to another.

Sometimes this love comes quite by surprise, from unexpected directions. Sometimes I have not had an initially positive reaction to certain classic ingredients (speaking of which, tuberose fell into this category for me) but then later find that in the hands of a great perfumer, the line is crossed, and my taste is transformed so that a whole new world of olfactory beauty is opened up to me.

There can be a certain sense of humor about it all too. Personally I adore the dreamy aspects of perfume, and the surrounding buzz about it, but in the perfume sphere online and in person, there is plenty of irony and wit and comment and self-awareness that this is an area of interest that can seem incredibly effete in the face of global warming or the collapse of the economy or the corruption of politics or the state of inequality in this world. Those of us entranced by perfume still are though, for all those anxieties.

Why not insist beauty and artistry have a place in this world too, or is life still worth living without overt beauty?

Perfumes have been a personal expression and development of a sense of beauty across a wide range of cultures and history, that have spoken to the most fundamental parts of our brains and bodies for a long, long time. 

 Perfumes have been a mode of expression throughout history, under every range of economic and political condition. Personally I think the more time people spend in the pursuit of beauty the better, as long as their understanding of what beauty is and includes is thereby constantly expanded.


An interview in part regarding Moon Bloom and Hiram Green in this Basenotes interview at Twisted Lily.

Moon Bloom can be found for sampling and purchase online and at Twisted Lily. They were kind enough to provide me with that sample. It's now on my list for eventually acquiring the full size.

Notes as listed on the Twisted Lily site: Tuberose and Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Coconut, Leafy Greens, Tropical Spices and Resins.

Above digression into perfume taste is an excerpt from a manuscript I've been working on (and off) for about a year an a half. Things keep changing so I'll keep revising until I know it's ready.

Copyright 2015, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved.

Except for the photos above, taken from Twisted Lily and The Drink Factory on Tuberose as Flavor of the Week.  


deana sidney said...

I agree with you. There is a difference between a reviewer who has to be first to the table and a commenter who may discover things more organically. Also, we write blogs. We are not on deadlines and we should write about what engages us, not what we must for a deadline.

I can't wait to see your manuscript!!

Lucy Raubertas said...

Thanks Deana. I always enjoy whatever you are currently writing, and admire your in depth research.
I think it also takes time and research to familiarize yourself with a perfume and its context.

Anonymous said...

Really nice views expressed.

'Moon Bloom' is a lovely name that certainly has me interested in the perfume; will check out the interview

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover said...

Great piece Lucy! I look forward to trying this at Twisted Lily next time that I am there. Thanks for your amazing views xoxo