May 15, 2015

Sweet Anthem: Enchanted Fragrances, Heroines and Villains

Enchanted Fragrances, four new eau de Parfums from Sweet Anthem of the Pacific Northwest, are modern and stylish takes on classic Fairy Tale personages, as aromatic depictions of the essence of four famous characters.  All of the characters are influential on children who know them from reading or films. Two villains and two heroine personalities are filtered though  a youthful American sensibility, one perhaps brought up with lavishly illustrated picture books and vintage Disney movies.

These edps all have a modern freshness, creating an atmosphere of elegant simplicity.  They last about 4 - 5 hours, have a 20% concentration and also come in solid perfume form as a stick that is easy to travel with for touch up as you like.  They are fun to layer and play with,  and come in a well priced 10 ml size so playing with them is not so frightening.  They don't throw a big trail, but are definitely there for your to enjoy on yourself and whoever comes within three feet of you.

They all share a signature Sweet Anthem tone of clean musk skin, with a slight caramel tinge, that belongs to someone of active energy and youthful optimism.

In other words, I am picturing Pacific Northwest young people with highly developed online personas who nonetheless bike around the woods rain or shine, in vintage clothing and elaborate body adornment, who are well-read yet outdoorsy, and who comb the secondhand shops, wildcraft their own herbal tea and entertain each other with their own music and songs, much like the Elizabethan youth of yore.

These would also be people who appreciate subtle references to pop classics from all directions and cultures and use them in their own self-presentation.

The two Villains:

Black Queen, the beauty obsessed, opens with a quick bite of apple, then flows into the fresh floral sweetness of the Linden tree blossom and then goes on to be overgrown by trees covered with Oakmoss while hypnotized by a relaxing dose of Tonka Bean.

The soothing end holds flashes of the fresh open, a little of the apple's crispness while the signature musk skin tone pervades all with its distinctive personality. A darkly green-tinged haze flows over the orchard.

Red Queen starts with a flash of brightness too, a slightly sideways facet of White Pepper, with Cardamon joined to Fig and Rose coming up right around the corner.  Those virtually tactile aromas infused with Rose carry over to Honey and Leather. Rose is the central spine of the fragrance, and settles down over the signature clean muskiness.

Two Heroines:

Briar Rose opens with a green tomato leaf, then builds up fast to a honeyed rose otto that permeates the entire composition, softened with white amber.  I am not familiar with white amber per se but from this experience I assume it means the grounding element which is not the typical deep and meltingly fluid dark amber but more a lightly smokey creamy golden waxy amber effect.

Snow White aka the fairest of them all, opens with the green astringency of Petit Grain and moves on to a lovely apricot tinged Osmanthus floral time, white musk and a  dry sunny hay-like vetiver.

All four provide moments of pleasure which deepen if you are conscious of the detailed fairy tale references, as they are reflected with such care.

This style of perfume is casual to the core, and would be easy for a modern young person to love, while transporting everyone else to recall their own time of smooth physical ease and open optimism, because they don't read as too 'young' to be enjoyed by everyone else.

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A song to listen to perfume by:

At Forest Edge by Vetiver

Lyrics (by Andy Cabic):

          At forest edge I swore I saw
A lovely young girl from afar
(Did she smile?)
Yes, she seemed to smile right at me

So I stepped in
(Was it dark?)
Yes, the light was leaving
Wind came moving off the leaves
Where did she go?

Long branches wet
To hide promises
No one would keep
Wanting to catch a glimpse

I ran deep into the woods
Moving across
I look back to find
I was lost

Up ahead I hear her footstep
But I don't see her anywhere
It's not like me to run off
And leave the rest behind

Go my way home
And just leave this girl
And these woods alone
(Is she real?)
Real as I'll never know
The setting sun she soon won't show a thing

I've got to find a path
Through the trees
I've got to find my own way
Tonight, I've got to find the right way

Copyright 2015, Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved

Disney Images borrowed from  Pinterest sites.
Music video of Forest's Edge by Vetiver from YouTube
Samples provided by the perfumer.

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Jennifer Koth said...

I have been curious about the Snow White Scent because of the osmanthus (I adore osmanthus).