May 12, 2015

Supernatural Spring

Link to see my Spring piece on Clarimonde: 

Supernatural Spring

"Clarimonde’s spirit can travel as a scent on the breeze. She travels along on the breath of a spring blooming flower, especially those intoxicating ones like Hyacinth, Lilac and Violet..."

All links herein and therein contain many-layered messages.

April Aromatics Rosenlust, Tempted Muse. Rosine: Rose d’Ete. Oriza L LeGrand: Jardins D’Armide, Deja Le Printemps. Parfums Lalun: Phenomene Vert II. Acqua di Callitris. DSH Jacinth de Sapphir and others in the Brilliant Collection.

There are Pinterest boards devoted to Clarimonde, Happiness, and Kick of the Day to see more images, if you are so inclined.
There are also evolving impressions on Tumblr at Indieperfumes and Clarimonde.

Clarimonde’s long and perfect memory for all the Spring seasons she has known contributed to the build up of her essence. It gives her skin a luminous quality, like mother of pearl, a nacre shell, abalone, pearls, iridescence. Her cousins the peacocks understand this best.

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AustralianPerfumeJunkies said...

Hey Lucy,
LOVE that pic. what a great way to hide the bags after living too much.
Portia xx

Lucy Raubertas said...

So true Portia, may all our concealments hide the effects of too much fun