April 25, 2015

Monsillage: Aviation Club, Eau de Céleri

The back of the bottle, love the birds
The French Canadian perfumer Isabelle Michaud of Monsillage has garnered a lot of appreciative attention lately, especially as the winner of the Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan perfume category, for Eau de Céleri, one of my two favorites of the current line.  

I was able to try them all in person in the relaxed atmosphere at Twisted Lily in Brooklyn, which brought the line in as they do keep an eye out for creative, fresh and even experimental artisan indie perfumes with strong appeal.  

That makes for a refreshing difference to Manhattan lately, which tends to stay within the range of the highest end ultra luxury niche perfume lines. While elegantly wonderful the Manhattan perfume experience may often feel more classically traditional or even conventional and lean exclusively toward the intimidating end of price range and style of presentation.

I was excited to find that Monsillage also offers a travel perfume size which is well priced (as is the whole line) for those who like a portable perfume (as I very much do) and also like to experiment. It's casual, well designed and thought out while energetic in tone. 

It's Spring, and the line is definitely a refreshing departure from a lot of the over-the-top, seriously expensive and intensely heavy perfumes that seemed to proliferate this past winter. 

I am intrigued by the back story of the perfumer, an unconventional one for someone classically trained, as she came to perfume after a full lifetime of other experiences.

I immediately fell in love with Aviation Club. This eau de toilette releases depth within its transparencies, and revives my fondness for the edt form, in that its facets reveal themselves with clarity while surrounding the skin with an air of energy. 

The immediate speed of evaporation of everything at once imparts brightness and uplifting energy.  There's serious green right away, backed up with metallic tones, plus the pleasant woods, tobacco, amber, coffee and cognac -- all those elements I normally love in an edp or full perfume, but here as an eau de toilette, put together skillfully to hold a strong impression of engaging atmospheric brightness. 

It lingers and projects, which makes me happy when I catch it around me, out of the corner of my attention as I go about my business. Its appeal creates a thirst for the initial notes so I find myself wanting and willing to re-apply every couple of hours. As one of the original purposes of the edt form was for refreshment, that is more than fine with me.

Eau de Célerie edt is green too, and does indeed carry the true scent of fresh celery just pulled out of the local garden's rich black earth, fresh, but that distinctive green has been mixed into a cloud of vetiver, patchouli and galbanum which all bind the initial green to a drier more earthly tone. 

There's lots and lots of fresh citrus like lemon and bergamot and grapefruit so this earthiness continues to hold an optimistic, joyful personality. 

I picture myself re-applying this one frequently during the hot city months for refreshment and uplift, or when wanting a hit of grounded happiness in the colder months.  This line's edt style is strong and full and not all that fugitive. I find it to be the essence of a refreshing modern brightness that uses the edt form to pull the nose and mind straight up, that good posture held while demonstrating a backbone of skillful earthy astringency.

These perfumes are true enough to re-connect you to personal experiences with the aromatic powers of Nature and of the life forces around us, in case you should have forgotten them, as you well might spending too much time in front of a screen, as many do. 

I look forward to the next perfumes to come in this line, as the style established so far has instant appeal for me and I believe would for many, once experienced.

There are also soaps and travel sachets. Please click the links  to go directly for more info as to prices and sizes, or for samples and to order.

Disclosure: samples provided by Twisted Lily.
Photos from the Monsillage and Twisted Lily websites.

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Sue said...

hmmm...interesting. I am so curious on its scent and the packaging is unique. I will try to get samples of this.

AustralianPerfumeJunkies said...

WOW! Next time we are in NYC we'll have to go sniff this stuff. Reads like a dream and I love the birds on the bottle.
Portia xx

Lucy Raubertas said...

Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by. The packaging is elegantly simple yet lyrical.

Dear Portia, I hope that visit is soon! It would be most exciting to go perfuming with you. xo Lucy