March 3, 2015

Soft and Gentle Perfumes for Winter Cold

"The Old Willow" by David Vincent
Gentle, soft, beautifying, distracting, that's what I've looked for in perfume the past two weeks of a heavy cold in the midst of freezing weather, mixed up with the sadness from the passing of my dear long time Italian Greyhound companion Dante.  

There are a number of perfumes I have relied on in this situation. Respiratory sensitivity makes my the usual strong and deep perfumes seem like way too much, and I don't want to ruin them for myself either, by forcing it when it's just too soon, so for the meantime I'll just look forward to them for later, and turn to those that I can dare to expose myself to without intensifying difficulties. 

I have noticed that certain perfumes have a quality that moves the focus away from weakness or discomfort toward a brightness and lightness that seems like the breath of vitality, or brings me to a place redolent of a balmier season sure to come.  I've listed those I have found to be true and reliable cloaks of beautifying gentleness (a number organize themselves into pairs or seem thematically related):

Lucid Move, via
Two fully organic naturals: Saveur de l'Abricot by Artemisia and Honey by Laurie Stern of Purrfumery -- I have posted on both before, but in this context I have to say that the Abricot brightens and softens with a sunny apricot fuzziness and a tiny drop of a sweet nectar any moment at all, even if the midst of the most difficult, with gentleness and grace. 

Honey has a deeper tone that contains the sunlight warmth of all that its name implies, soothing and calming as a trigger reminder of the energy of warmer seasons.   Both seem to contain the healing sun of a Mediterranean climate.

Two classics of French niche by Serge Lutens:  Clair de musc and Daim blond. Both absorb into the skin immediately as if it was thirsty for them, and then emanate out as if your skin has instantly grown silky and velvety around you like a comforting and perfectly fitting suit that holds you close. They both are the very soul of the ideal sensation of drawing on a long pair of pale butter soft suede or velvet gloves that bring out the shape of your arms and hands as elegant abstractions.  The complexity of the most subtle of leather tones rendered with mysterious softness is both distracting and intimate and a luxurious reminder of the finer things of life, calmly lifting the spirits, into an interior and exterior space beyond the difficult or even the ordinary.

Two colognes: Eucalyptus by Thymes and vintage Eau Tranquility by Clarins (much more basil than the current form). Both have a connection to herbal goodness and strength with a quick and full evaporation that creates a clarity, a beneficial atmosphere, that soothes the face and enlivens the spirits.  Both are especially good once out and about and needing to maintain energy to get through the weather and keep patience with the stresses and frustrations of being unwell and sad in the darkest and coldest part of the year. They both have a definitive citrus uplift set beside their respective herbal themes and are more complex than the title of cologne would imply. Good for the gym or for work or for errands without descending into the dreaded 'office scent' category of blandness, they both hold the ability to recall the summer within no matter what transpires outside. 

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Reliable standbys: Eau The Vert by Bulgari - as an edp to be worn on the skin, also using it in the perfumer burner, and as a shower gel releasing its classic mellow bright green tea while bathing in hot water, it has a psychological effect of balance and classicizing beauty that makes for a wholesome influence.

Honey Lavender Perfume by Perfumer Pharmer Monica Miller is a great beauifier of any circumstance and become a favorite to fall asleep in.  The wild crafted lavender joins the honey in a feral childlike freshness and musky depth that feels like it is cleansing the body and mind as you breathe it in. 

I have written of some of these before, as it is in these circumstances you turn to those perfumes you know well, looking for more of how they act on you personally.  I have found this to be one of the most useful and beneficial elements of building a perfume wardrobe. 

The links below go to prior posts with more detailed descriptions and links to the perfumer's websites.

Artemisia Natural Perfumes Saveur de l'Abricot

Laurie Stern's Honey: as part of the Primordial Perfume Project and for Valentine's Day

Monica Miller's  Lavender and Honey

Serge Lutens Daim Blond

Vintage vials of Eau Tranquility can be found on Ebay; Eucalyptus by Thymes is available from their site online where they have the note lists and direct ordering info.

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Sun Mi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Dante. :( Animal companions are some of the best.

Liz G. said...

I'm very sorry about Dante passing. It is very hard when we lose a loved pet.

Lucy Raubertas said...

Dante was a great dog, a big personality in an ethearal package, much like the perfumes we love.