February 8, 2015

Clarimonde's Winter Bouquets

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Clarimonde has been gathering references to create her special winter bouquets, to establish a conservatory for her winter fragrance library. As in winter the sun’s hours are few, these flowers and greens must be those that can persist in the darkest shadows of the forests and jungles.  In wild surroundings these plants would have trained themselves to aromatically emanate vanilla, spicy notes and the most piercing greens, crossed with the moist dew beaded up on their leaves and the scent of soft musc-y fur on the animals that feed on them all.

Photo Christopher Morris

Photo Christopher Morris

Photo Christopher Morris

Photo Christopher Morris

Massive flower power: The Artichoke Protea from the Temple of Flora published by Robert Thornton (British, 1768–1837). Hand-coloured aquatint engraving, from the quarto edition, Sept. 1st, 1811

l’illustration horticole – journal cover – anon

They would emanate moisture and life as fragrances, their stems beaded in humidity, reaching out with their thick petaled, juicy flowers and leaves to the myriad insects and animals passing by, using aromatic attraction to offer food in exchange for propagation.

These perfumes, for those of us who have never visited their worlds, are perfumes of the imagination, or intimated and incorporated into perfumes to be worn in winter when we need a vital connection to their active life force, to be re-wilded.

Clarimonde also keeps another library of floral motifs, in the form of special jewelry by Lalique. His plant jewels are true enough to satisfy a need to get lost in lush natural forms. The colorful stones, enamel and metals vie with the colors of natural flowers and are immortal in their own way, just as she is, they are related.

Lalique Thistle brooch

Rene Lalique “Speedwell” bracelet of gold, glass and enamel.
Speedwell is another name for the Veronica plant.



Dog collar necklace, Lalique

Her perfume library of intense floral fragrances that trigger sense memories are in ever more frequent rotation when she passes winter in a northern latitude.

For florals that may revive winter spirits, see Camellia by Aroma M,  Un Lys and De Profundis by Serge Lutens, Paradise Lost by DSH, Muguet de Mai by DSH,  Au Dela Narcisse by Bruno FazzolariNectar des Iles by Envoyage

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