January 13, 2015

Mik Moi Acqua Fortis and Lingua Franca

NASA photo of Earth from space.
Mik Moi demonstrates a style of perfume that is sparkling, vibrant, lively, uplifting and fresh, even while using the darkest and deepest of mystical perfume materials.

His two most recent perfumes have a brilliantly sparkling modern effect, synthesizing a harmony between East and West, based on his wide researches into the past. In Acqua Fortis the mystical approach to balance of body and soul is referenced by both Medieval Alchemical magic waters and Feng Shui cures for luck and health. With Lingua Franca, the various world cultures of East and West always find a way to communicate and embrace each other, by necessity and with style.

Acqua Fortis is balanced along the lines of the elements as understood by the old worlds of both East and West, quoting this inspiration: "A heart strong enough to melt gold, and hearts of gold alike, the result of visions past, present, future and future perfect."

Petit Grain and Saffron Musk for Metal, the element that rules Wealth, Precious Rarity, and Endurance. Bois de Rose and Pine Needle, for the principals of Growth, Resources and Expansion, as manifested by the element of Wood. Pink Pepper and Lapsang Souchong for the Fire realms of Passion, Warmth and Attraction. Stone Fruit and Hay notes for the realm of Earth, that rules Creativity, Intelligence and Strength. Yuzu and Ambergris for the Water elements of Recognition, Flow and Effortlessness.

Here is a cologne-like energy and transparency bonded to the strength of a perfume.  The elements combine and sing together as a chorus, not breaking apart, but adding their innate strength to each other to bring out the details of the heat within Pepper and Pine, floating over a base of ambergris toned with Hay and Lapsang Soochong. All notes and elements are in balance so as to emit an energy that is both warm and alert. Opposites unite with the tingling spices and herbs holding onto the skin as part of a musky group hug of all the notes, as they stand together in a bright open hay barn built with fresh cut timbers of bois de rose.

This creative and original modern perfume is immediately appealing from first impression. I can't get enough of it and would say this is one for my full bottle wish list because of its immediate appeal and subtle intelligence. It has a moderate but true throw from the site of application, and is a pleasure to wear, as well as being a fragrance that works for people of all genders.

Lingua Franca - Mik Moi
Lingua Franca is another hit for me.  Based on the principal of a shared language, spontaneously arising and  "making communication possible between those without a common native tongue. Examples have arisen in trading ports around the globe throughout human history."

This one has the same feel of a bright and energetic cologne that holds the strength and character of a perfume.  It's a lyrical mood, a friendly enticing charmer.  I get the sense of bathing in a limpid reflecting pool that supports the body as it floats between heaven and earth and thereby buoys up the spirits. It is based on several ports of the world that through history have traded internationally with various cultures that communicate through their personal beauty and a desire for each other's 'goods'.  A common language incorporating several spontaneously arises so that the various cultures may make exchanges with each other. Citruses, spices and incense notes from all of the continents are deliberately balanced to evoke a sense of discovery and the romance of distinctive cultures and races meeting and mixing together.

The top notes are based on the concept of Meeting, set in the cafes of the port cities of of Italy, Africa, Spain and the South Pacific, using the 'souvenirs' of Antique Lemongrass, Yellow Mandarin, Tagettes, Yuzu, Lime and Pineapple.

The middle notes are based on the concept of Sharing, as set in the gardens of various cities and their inns for resting up after world travels and relaxing with your fellow travelers,  with appetite enhancing spices,  and florals. The mix means to evoke the essence of the ports of Southern U.S, various parts of North Africa, and the South of France.  

Blond Tobacco, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Allspice, Gallic rose and Carnation do indeed make for the feel of an indolent afternoon spent enjoying the bounty of the world. The intoxicating aspects of a mild tobacco and citric floral and spicy rose are gently and softly present.

The base notes are based on the principal of the Embrace (as they would hold most closely to the skin for the longest time). These are incenses of many cultures coming from various ports in Southeastern Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Canada and Spain.  The 'souvenirs' are listed as Frankincense, Palo Santo, Agarwood, Ambergris, Vetiver, Castorium and Labdanum.

This is a citrus incense perfume for ease, for rest and recovery from long and arduous efforts and travel and interactions.

Aqua Fortis expresses a mood for the excitement of discovery and an active, varied life, while Lingua Franca is for the pleasures of rest and harmony. Both are extraordinary and astonishingly lovely. 

I am enthusiastic for the back story as a creative combination of many influences and a balance of the Eastern and Western influences that I know this perfumer lives with on a daily basis.

I have met the perfumer and feel his base in San Francisco and his eclectic tastes for the deepest and most beautiful aspects of the East, after being thoroughly steeped in the history of various Western cultures, is expressed with special sense of harmony and beauty through his perfumes.  I believe he sees the entire globe as one being with separate elements that enhance and beautify each other through their specific differences.

The perfumer has recently exhibited his concepts of What Harmony Smells Like at a gallery in San Francisco.  Please come to his site for more information and details. Also please visit the site for info and prices and stockists or to purchase the perfume directly.

1.5ml samples are available and come with a scroll wrapped around that explains it all in clear and evocative language.

Please see my prior post on Mik Moi for more information.

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Photos above - the globe photographed by NASA from outer space, the perfumes from the perfumer's site.
Disclosure - I received samples of the perfumes directly from the perfumer.

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