October 9, 2014

Clarimonde's Layers of Perfume

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Clarimonde's perfumes are wafted in by the breezes that flow between the worlds. Changing seasons stir up the winds.

via Don Ya on Pinterest

Catching a breath of them layers her history into our own.

She is wandering, heading Northeast, looking for the quiet mystery of deep forests standing in pure air, tasting her own history in what's left of the past.

To capture  that precious brightness glowing through the dark, she represents her layers of personal experience with pure florals laid over dark narcotic perfume.

Geisha Blanche over Geisha Noire by Aroma M evolves into perfume from a fairy tale, the structural lace of the past framing today's glowing and ephemeral energy.

Clarimonde is no teacher or authority, she is looking for her match or counterpoint among us all, for her own sake.

She floats over the evergreens that catch the mist and pull it toward the earth, as a refreshment. This is her layering  of DSH Seve de Pin beside Acampora Musc, the delicate and refreshing fragrance of living pine and fir needles bound to her warming skin by the warm breath of a clean wild animal.

Cloud, Caught on a Tree by Rose Revitt on Flickr

She has read letters and documents written by certain fine minds that call to her from the past. She knew their spirit in the moment but now it is past she lingers over the tracery of their words, criss-crossed over each another, urgently asking for the same companionship and understanding that she seeks herself.

Palimpsest by Aftelier as a perfume is the combination of all such layers and longings communicated to others, as its precious aromatic essences compose themselves across the lines of each other, creating a net to capture both the past and present as one. Exotic essences little known in the West step forward and capture the attention of those like Clarimonde who want to dive and swim into the diversity of Nature and creation.

Charles Darwin Cross writing (technique used for saving paper) 1828.
My dear Fox I am dying by inches, from not having any body to talk to about insects:
 — my only reason for writing, is to remove a heavy weight from my mind,
so now you must understand, what you will perceive before you come to the end of this;
that I am writing merely for my own pleasure; not yours.
Though Darwin may modestly deny it, the pleasure he takes in reaching out to his friend so that their two minds and lives may intersect and give each other sustenance, shows the several layers of complex and shimmering warmth within him and between them.

This is the gleam in heart and mind that Clarimonde seeks throughout her travels and immortality.

Two of like mind and abundant energy made a perfume that layers one composition over the other's base.  This rare and special edition arises from The Poetry of Longing. Alexis Karl layered dark chocolate, smoke, ambergris, beeswax, muguet, amber, agar and a hint of chestnut over a mysterious deep base by Monica Miller. A dram tester may only be accessed by personal contact (email at scentbyalexisperfume at gmail dot com) after handing over a favorite line of poetry to express your longing. A deep brown variegated edge beside a golden lightness is the perfume for deep thoughts held together by a bright heart.

I will offer Jeff Buckley reading Ulalume by Poe -- not one line but the whole. It's as addictive as it should be.

The power of all these layers of brightness beside darkness, and coolness against warmth, may seem like they would break open the ancient shapes and vessels of perfume,  but that elegant shape has always been as layered and as modern as our own lives.

Clarimonde's image has been captured from time to time.

This could have been her, back then.
British Library, Harley 4338, f. 1v. Boethius, Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion (Book 4)
 [anonymous French translation]. Bourges, 1477. ‘Philosophy’

Layering of beautiful perfumes to bring out each one's individual beauty is a way to answer her inner and outer conflicts, explain and unite the variegated sides of herself.

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Perfume samples obtained from the perfumers.

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deana sidney said...

Such a beautiful post. I have tried Palimpsest and agree with everything you say. Great perfume for me is evocative -- it takes me away.