May 7, 2014

Vero Profumo Voiles: Rubj & Kiki

These are two variations of the perfumes Rubj and Kiki: their extrait form has been transformed into a veil or a "voile" of the deepest version of each perfume. This treatment brings out the details of each theme, highlighting each one's characteristic, most distinctive aspects, and translates the original intense perfume experiences into a form versatile enough to be worn anytime, casually or formally.

Kiki Voile d'Extrait is a refined transparent variation of the Kiki extrait but stands as a perfume in its own right; just as big and tenacious as any full-bore perfume not called 'voile'.

I'm immediately enthusiastic about it. It's both refreshing and soothing, and imparts a sensation of relaxation flowing into alert, calm organized energy.  The unusual combination of lavender absolute/butterscotch sets a satisfying warmth against aerial effects.

This would dress up anything you wear, casual or formal, and be great on either male or female, as it's smart in the sense that it's modern, energetic, intelligent and stylish.

Refined and delicate as this voile treatment may be there is nothing of the air of a background perfume in Voile d'Etrait Rubj.

It is a foreground perfume experience, as the tuberose/jasmine theme insistently knocks on the door of sense memories. Ultra-romantic and sensually emphasizing the physical, this one is openly and unequivocally about love and joy.

In its sheerness I can imagine this one too worn both as a formal and informal perfume. Gracefully opulent, openly seductive, it sends out an unmistakeable message of sensuality. The white florals reach into a fresh green center that keeps the headiness keyed up and flowing.

There's a quality in both that uses the rate of evaporation of the perfume as an element in the experience. While they are lasting and stable, in the initial stages they both open as intoxicating, after which you are firmly hooked in and ride along on the immediate knock-out beauty.  Then the calmer center appears at which time you can gather your wits about you to appreciate the nuances and subtleties.

The sheer treatment of the dominant notes reveal their distinctive qualities especially in combination with their partner notes, becoming almost abstracted.  Kiki's lavender is transformed to become heady and sweet to the core, and Rubj's tuberose is delivered over green and aquatic elements within.

Distinctive and original, these two sophisticated perfume experiences cover the wide range of being immediately pleasing, continuing on to be engaging and so show how smart they are, and have accomplished all this with longevity and force.

They are available at Lucky Scent in the US in 50ml at $250 and at $8 for samples.

Please also see my post on Rubj in the EdP version.

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