May 1, 2014

Indie Beauty Products-Spring

Katana Woman
One of the ways I got into indie perfumes in the first place was through the road of indie beauty products.  The beneficial effects of the materials as well as the aromatherapeutic effects of the pure ingredients, of higher quality than any that can be obtained commercially, are ultra relaxing and restorative.

Many people are concocting beauty products in their homes these days, and there are lots of excellent recipes online for do it yourself products which are certainly more or less good depending on the quality of the ingredients and the care with which they are executed.

There are however, a number of tried and true products that continue to be produced by experienced perfumers and trained aromatherapists who have taken on deep life long study of the materials and processes, and wild-craft or source their materials in a subtle and balanced way, with a primary eye to the precise beneficial aspects of the materials, and the resulting aesthetics and quality.  I also see them as expressive of the character of their  producers.  Many of them deliberately incorporate the beauty of fragrance for greater stress reducing power.

I have tried many such products from across the board, and here are some of my favorites from all different price ranges.  This continues on from my first post on indie beauty products and there will be more such posts seasonally.

Gardenia Face and Body Whipped Frosting - Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery

Laurie Stern has been making hand made luxury creams delicately perfumed with natural fragrances for many years, and indeed she is one of the original figures of the California natural products movement. With all that experience and history, she continues to be a true Romantic, and carefully makes exquisite products for the face and body, perfumed with the products of enfleurage; that labor intensive process that draws out the fragrance of plants and flowers with organic fats and oils of the highest quality. She has an amazing beautifully grown out garden and worked for some years past as a florist herself, and she shows a great discernment in the specific quality of the floral essences in her beauty products.

The texture of the  Gardenia Face and Body Whipped Frosting makes this incredible tiny crackling sound as you spread it on your face as the tiny bits of air trapped in the rich cream are released and mix and effervesce and release the subtle fully natural fragrance within.  I am sure the fresh hand picked gardenia flowers thus reaching your mind will have beneficial qualities quite apart from being beautiful. This is ultra rich and sinks in and re-moisturizes it to the core.  Made of several kinds of precious oils and shea butter, all organic with vitamin E, I would recommend keeping it in the fridge between uses.  She also offers the Organic Gardenia Enfleurage separately.  In two sizes, $30 and $145.

A Young Daughter of the Picts, c. 1585.
Attributed to Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues.
Rose Paka Healing Restorative Butter - Persephenie

Persephenie makes a small batch hand made botanical line of bath and beauty body products taking into account her tastes as an artist, perfumer and certified aromatherapist.  All ingredients are responsibly sourced, organic, vegan, and often wild crafted. Rose Paka Healing Restorative Butter emanates a soft natural rose scent from a blend (Persian and Rose di Mai) and includes the especially beneficial camellia and pomegranate oils, among the other organics such as helicrysum and calendula.  The soft rose fragrance lingers because it is held in the richness of the oils.  This one is meant for healing the skin as well as beautifying.  There's a tester for $8 and a full size 100ml for $64 ($74 with shipping).  I've noticed the texture is quite artful for a body cream, in that applying on to the legs it sinks in almost instantly to impart a velvety feel.

Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence  -  In Fiore

Julie Elliott of In Fiore is another California naturals/beauty pioneer.  For the face, this concentrated treatment is infused with organic ingredients chosen for their beneficial powers to work across the spectrum of age and type.  Soothing and strengthening, especially for real skin damage from the sun, scarring or extreme dryness or oiliness, it has a balancing effect and is dense enough that it would be more for overnight use.

There is a certain relaxation that results from even reading the ingredients on the label, as the materials list is so poetically wholesome.  Cold pressed grape seed oil infused with Calendula Officianalis Flower, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry extract, Jasmine flower absolute, Rosemary leaf extract, among others. The full list and directions for use are on the site linked above, and the lovely packaging and generous amount for $70 is bound to last for quite some time as a little goes a long way. I have not yet tried it as a sealer over the face serums as listed on the site, but that could only magnify the experience of luxurious self care.  Also recommended to be stored in a cool dark place (I believe the refrigerator is the right storage place for all organic face treatments).

Rose Petal Facial Creme and Rose Petal Toner by Skye Botanicals

I like these two for  daytime use. They have a brightening and an immediate enlivening effect on the facial skin.  Made with rose petals and lemon balm gathered  in Martha's Vineyard, set within an antioxidant blend and a bouquet of steam distilled rose essential oils, mixed with local beeswax among other organic emollients in a light base, they are both immediately refreshing.  I recall visiting the area and seeing all the wild roses by the beach surrounded by plenty of bees; it's a place with lots of gardens and wild flower escapees everywhere.  I know that Monica Miller infuses all her beauty products with a sense of honor and care in working with natural and wild crafted materials. I have experienced these for a couple of years and find that they are indispensable, especially in summer.  The toner is a pre-moisturizer and works especially well when sealed in with the facial creme, or first thing in the morning to wake yourself up with something pleasant.  The toner is well priced at $28 in a spray bottle and the creme is one ounce for $38.

These beauty products are infused with the love and care of their makers, who have personally devoted so much time and thought to their products so as to infuse them with all the peace and beauty they can possibly hold.  I find them to be radiantly wholesome too, stress reducing and effective, and know from experience how beneficial they are to both body and soul.

Please follow the links above for more information, more complete list of ingredients and directions for use, and other products and pricing.

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Laurie Stern said...

Thank you so much, Lucy! I'm having a great time making my own gardenia enfleurage these days, too. All of your recommendations seem wonderful, I want to try them all! I also really enjoy Monica, Persephenie, and Julie's gorgeous products too!


Shelley said...

Beautiful, kind, brilliant people who make beautiful products!