February 6, 2014

Indie Perfume Valentines

Valentines Radha and Krishna beside a Lake at Sunset
Kota, Rajasthan, India, Asia 
c. 1750 
T'is the season.  Spring is just around the corner. Here comes love.  Valentine's Day fast approaches.

Here are some wildly romantic perfumes to consider as gifts, and if you don't get them for someone else, I say get them for yourself.

Valentine's Day is about lovers and that kind of warmth of heart and generosity is important to honor and stoke, even if fate says you must do your part on your own this time.  If you are indeed happily attached, review these new and exquisite olfactory sensations that will send your loved one into a pleasurable trance that associates with you in memory forevermore.  Among several different styles of beauty, see if you can match the right one to the right heart for your own situation. These are all hits with the indie perfume cognescenti, so you can feel confident your offering will be in the most exquisite taste.

My pick for a grand passion:  Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia is like an ultra soft leather glove stained with perfume by the act of crushing the thick white petals of a gardenia.  Each facet is alive, and beautifies the skin from the moment you wear it.  There's no need for the accompaniment of another bouquet, this is a bouquet in itself. There is a refreshing green air that may be shared by two of any gender.  The solid version holds closer to the skin.  Comes in a red silk drawstring pouch too, the size of a small intense hit of luxurious natural extravagance.  For more luxury, inhale the steam and drink the softly fragrant Frankincense Oolong Aftelier tea.  Frankincense has beneficial properties for almost every part of the body both inside and out, as this tea fragrances your very being from the inside out,  doing its subtle work, and pairs well with the perfume.

For love that grows warmer with a touch of vice:  House of Cherry Bomb Tuberose, Tobacco, Cognac. I must say you can only obtain this at the Brooklyn studio -- but it is well worth making an appointment and the trip to DUMBO.  It's dark and warm and deep and indolic with the best parts of the three intoxicants listed in the name in the right proportions.  It's a rare experience, a limited edition, a hand made pleasure and almost insanely well priced because it comes directly from the hands of the perfumers into your own. Imagine the freshest taste of those three ingredients, wafting into your head and adjusting your mood.  The ladies will probably offer you a drink and a laugh too, and there's lots more there to try so the whole visit may be undertaken in the spirit of discerning hedonism.  One of the many other things there that might well entice is the Aroma M  Camellia Hair Oil made with several highly precious light and smoothing oils.  The formula is based on the Geisha traditional recipes for  silky and lustrous hair, scented with jasmine and tuberose, that would make a decadently luxurious Valentine gift or a great personal pleasure for every day.

For a love heading straight into a sacred ceremony (of whatever kind): Oriza L. Legrand's Reve d'Ossian. Wildness crossed with a sense of holiness and awe, from an incense mixed in with fresh evergreen. This is for those gorgeous peacocks among us that mate for life, displaying their beauty freely to all and raising future generations of beauties in perpetual continuation.  Designed by Hugo Lambert to reinterpret one of the original vintage perfumes of the house, themed on a style of poetry that inspired Schubert, Goethe and Ingres, about important magical meetings that take place in dreamiest of deep dark forests, inhabited by ancestors and mythical beings, heroes and legends. Balsamic incense, aldehydes, pine, sandalwood, amber, musk -- this is a very partial list of the unfolding sensations.  I find it immediately and completely addictive because the freshness of the evergreen air is mixed with the exaltation of incense, softened by musk, skillfully hitting all those points in a most satisfying way.

If you're feeling it's all about Him, Ore by Slumberhouse gives that sense of delicious cocoa melting in the mouth with a tang of black pepper, Clary sage and a hit of aged whiskey, mahogany and oakwood, among other base notes that ground this into a deep dark interlude for indulging potentially addictive cravings. This strong concentration keeps you awake with the stimulant action of the pepper and Peru balsam while the rest of the long lasting  relaxant notes put you at ease. Smooth and alert is the way to go, and it's enough to get lost in.

If it's all about Her and she dwells in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, consider Magnetic Scent's Indigo if you seek a confident sense of energy; a continual ethereal inner buzz of anticipation. Never heavy or demanding or overt, it smooths everything out into a casual sophisticated ambience, surrounding your personal space with an air of enhanced ability.  This might be in the air while riding in a car with a good driver or while watching a surfer who you know will not fall off the board. Mastic, angelica root, musk ambrette seed, hyacinth, among other things.  Though natural and hand made it's transparent, abstract, airy, light, definitely one of those perfumes that sinks into your skin and becomes one with you.   It won't  wear you, but you can wear it lightly to most definitely enhance your viewpoint, and see the world with rose colored glasses as it opens out before you, in a charming atmosphere that makes it easy to fall in love.

Please follow the links above for more information on prices and ordering.  The Aroma M Studio is hosting an Anniversary event this Friday February 7th  at 68 Jay Street #1007 10th Floor, Brooklyn, NY and launching a new House of Cherry Bomb studio perfume.
Disclosure:  I both purchased and received samples from the perfumers and from Twisted Lily in Brooklyn.  My posts are not commercially commissioned.

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mandy said...

What a fantastic treat to be in your splendid Valentine’s guide Lucy! I love what you wrote about Cuir de Gardenia, and especially appreciate the perfect pairing with my Frankincense Tea - thank you so much!
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