February 21, 2013

April Aromatics Calling All Angels & Bohemian Spice

The Plains of Heaven by John Martin 1851-3

Tanja Bochnig has made perfumes that use the human body and its ever present aura of history and
memories to express a physical beauty that includes the ethereal, as energized by spirituality, balance and strength.

Her serious study and practice of yoga and aromatherapy led to a full commitment to all natural, botanical fragrance materials for the sake of their complex lively and beneficial beauty. She has combined aromatherapy with yoga into a unique personal form of Aromayoga.

As a model herself, she has lived the full immersion experience of fashion, disciplined elegance and a luxurious level of sophistication and quality.

All these influences have been braided together in April Aromatics. These are exquisite perfumes that are both connected to the old lyrical sensory traditions and grounded with the strength of the modern world as they reference both the aromatic classics and then unfold as multi-faceted, bold and clear.

This intersection of the ancient and modern results in setting a strongly Romantic mood, referenced in the names of these perfume experiences, such as Unter den Linden, Rosenlust, Calling All Angels, Bohemian Spice, Nectar of Love, Liquid Dream, Jasmina, Precious Woods, Rose L’Orange.

The first twenty seconds of these perfumes are not what they are after that –- they then warm up on the skin and burst out into themselves in a way that seems to ascend and bring your interior world up with them into ascension, then turn and dive and deepen and unfold rapidly with every pulse as your body heat melts the perfume essences and breaks them open.

This is especially true for Calling All Angels (edp) which promises to be the first of a series of Angelic perfumes. It is a honeyed incense, that comes up in strong waves that then turn cool and ethereal, with a hint of white smoke developing in the distance. As heady as a fresh gardenia, yet containing the powdered white ash of the burnt charcoal tablet that liquefies and evaporates the incense into that special soft pure white smoke. If perfume culture was originally based on the use of incense to communicate with the gods, this is one directly related to that ancient practice. Its modernity is in how it holds a warmly narcotic incense style of highly ornamental aromatic materials within a core of clear piercing beauty as if emanated by fresh flowers.*
If you stop and take the time to simply notice your own perfume unfold, these complex compositions make for a fully engaging olfactory immersion experience.

They are strong and bold, without becoming intrusive or distracting, and have wonderful longevity.

Mountain Landscape with Rainbow by Caspar David Friedrich
Bohemian Spice (edp) also possesses a dimensional composition that moves through a number of interactive layers. The sandalwood and vanilla base, both favorite notes of mine, are ever present and unifying. Vetiver, patchouli and woods with Oman incense and Highland Lavender arise to infuse each other with energy and an earthy soulfulness that softens down to a gourmand tone. I also find fleeting impressions of creamy almond. This perfume will seem to settle down and then suddenly when you least expect it, a waft of celestial beauty will arise from your skin. This pre-supposes you have a taste for much that is earthly within your personal paradise. I know I do.

There are more exquisite multi-faceted perfume experiences to explore in this beautiful line, such as Nectar of Love and Liquid Dreams from the bright end of the perfume spectrum, about which more later. There are also perfumes that combine several variations on a single theme, such as Rosenlust and Precious Woods and Jasmina.

Tanja B.
Please visit the site for more information, and also you can find a selection on Etsy. I recommend the tester set so you can try the full run of the line, that is a fantastic experience in itself.  There are also interesting products made for atmospheric use and yoga practice on both the website and Etsy.

*Originally part of the Spirit section of the Perfume Pharmer's  Primordial Project, which I have written about before.

Music to listen to perfume by: Sea Wolf - The Rose Captain 

Disclosure:  I received the tester set of perfumes from the perfumer at the Elements Show in NYC about a month ago.

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