May 4, 2012

Monica Miller’s Green Man – Dev in Quantum Demonology

This body fragrance is in the form of a massage bar, shaped as the face of the Green Man, a Pan-like figure from old English and Pagan mythology. His face is made of leaves, an image found all over the world. This symbol stands for the primal male force that is irreverent and joyful and procreative, connected to the entire cycle of life and rebirth after death.

This is a jade green tinted emollient, buttery and smooth, cocoa butter mixed with beeswax, that contains a natural perfume made of softly warm herbal elements. The skin becomes scented subtly with an aromatically leafy tone. This fragrance is a soft presence, like an animal or living thing, as soft as scented cedar water, or the perfume of bark, lichen and moss carried into the body through the breath.  It must be the Clary Sage, Chamomile, Labdanum, with all the other softening elements included.  It seems to contain both sun and shadow, as if rain-wet leaves dried out in the sun. It might even  be felt as an elusive masculine presence, and would be a wonderful subtle aura applied to the skin of either sex.

I love the playfulness of this concept. Monica has captured some of the astringency of the Devil’s sense of humor in the QD narrative. The scent of the forest holds against your skin as it takes on a satiny moisturized sheen.

I like that it’s a mythic symbolic face you rub on your skin, melting into you in direct proportion to your own body heat. As those who have read the book will know, the devil frequently kindles heat in the female protagonist, and they often melt down together in a surrender to each other’s pure body heat and chemical compatibility.

I personally like more of more, so asked Monica to send me some of the perfume she used to make the massage bar, so I could apply more and heighten the effect as it would be held by the moisturizing oils. This makes it even more soft, dewy, and moist, and still absorbing well into the skin, giving a sense of polish and heightened awareness of detail to every part of the body it is applied to. I find it is best for the evening, to dream in, as it works its fragrant and relaxing Pagan magic.

This came to me with some loose tea made of some of the beneficial herbs in the perfume. It makes a pleasant drink that has a lightly astringent, herbal feel in the mouth, good both hot and cool, calming in itself, and I see both light and dark green leafy material in it.

I know Monica Miller in her guise of Perfume Pharmer is currently engaged in making fragrances that comfort and establish a base point of sensory refuge from stress and anxiety. This fragrance indeed does this very thing, while at the same time it keeps the edge of the wildness of the woods, the living sense of it, soft and subtle though it may be. It is similar to what taking on the scent of another is like after intimate contact. It is there, but more as a sense of liveliness, an ambiance and mood.

I find the moisturizing action of the massage bar makes skin pleasantly and lastingly cashmere-like, even velvety, and pleasantly silky to apply. I am definitely going to get more when I've used this one up, which will be very soon.  It suits me so well it's almost like it was made for me.  I like it especially for the legs, and since the summer is coming couldn't be more  perfect timing.

This is a Pagan interpretation of the Devil, even as he appears in Sheila Eggenberger’s book Quantum Demonology, as a life force that may be lustful and sensual, but whose powerful connection to all that is carnal is connected to the power of the end too, a phase that is part of the cycle of life regenerated by procreative energy. This Pagan type of Devil is not an evil being but a powerful force and balance, a wild one who comes and goes and enlivens all around him. He reminds us that we are not infinite, except that we can make new life ourselves.

The Quantum Demonology Project has a number of writers and perfumers responding to the character of the Devil, Lilith and the mood of the Faustian story as written by Sheila Eggenberger The Alembicated Genie, with perfume interpretations and reviews. Please follow the links to more posts and perfumes, it's a page turner and there's much to explore.

Please see Monica Miller the Perfume Pharmer's links to more on the Quantum Demonology Project on her site, and travel around from there, because she has many interesting and unusual perfume ideas and products.  There will be many more perfumes and reviews related to this QD Project, and I am looking forward to more from all of the extraordinary perfumers and writers involved.

The massage bar is available on Etsy.
The notes are:
Clary Sage Abs, Tuberose Abs, Fir Abs, Geranium, Patchouli, Labdanum, Frankincense, Petitgrain, Blood Orange, Coriander, Lavender Abs, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Pink Pepper, Peppermint, Lemon, Sandalwood.

Above top image: The Green Man very like the shape of the massage bar, from a wood carving site in NYC;
Photo of Dore Abbey Carving by Simon Garbutt;
Photo of Corbel from Bamburg, Germany photo by Johannes Otto Först.
See more on the Green Man at Wikipedia.

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