April 2, 2012

Jasmine Eau de Parfum – Keiko Mecheri

Eventually everyone who loves perfume must pay homage to the power of jasmine. It is a force of nature, in and of itself. All perfumers must respect its character and all perfume lovers must come to terms with it one way or another. It is hard and soft, seductive and domineering, beautiful and overwhelming. Jasmine as an important and dominant note has a hold on perfume composition like no other; the only other materials of equal importance are possibly musk and rose.

It has a scientifically documented beneficial effect on the human central nervous system.

This is not to say it’s an easy fragrance. Because it is so powerful and intense, it’s almost something that must be endured at first, until your nose acclimates to it and the fragrance itself burns off the excess sweetness into the air. It is necessary to either develop a taste for or an ability to get past any cloy that may linger or threaten to overwhelm.

After that practically incandescent initiation, you get to the fragrant, aromatic softness, the celestial cloud that supports your mind and body in a beauty that seems a distillation of all that is both refined and carnal in this world, in kind of focused concentration that commands your attention.

This Jasmine Eau de Parfum is a powerful realistic rendition of fresh white night-blooming jasmine. Initially it is overwhelming to me, the realism is such that it could almost bruise the nerves with its extreme floral sweetness, which is not sugary, or honeyed, but of a nectar so concentrated it could intoxicate the birds and insects or other pollinators it was designed to attract like some kind of strong spirits, or ether. This power pays off when later you wake up within the perfume to realize it is clinging to you with a subtle strength that will last all day, and be your companion through thick and thin. It pervades everything in the same way solar energy does. This EdP has a lot of vitality; it is not a sleepy or hypnotic type of jasmine.

After the initial hysteria of wild beauty that is almost too much to take, that very first stage lasting a few minutes, it dries down beautifully on the skin, clinging to hair and leather and clothing with an air of white floral, soprano purity, an angelic, uplifting and calming atmosphere of refined elegance and polish.

When I was having some distress earlier last week, I was wracking my brain to think of what perfume would be beneficial, calming, soothing, but strong enough to distract me from ruminating over my troubles, and I knew from prior research and experience that jasmine would have what it took to do what I needed. This EdP is an artistically accurate rendition of true jasmine, skewing to the side of vitality and energy, handled with respect for its nature, done as a painter would do a very detailed accurate portrait of a classically beautiful woman in the prime of life. There is a refinement to the experience, good longevity, and a very soft sillage that is there quite enough to fundamentally change the environment you move within.

If you want to put your mind and body in another state, and really dive deep within the heart of the jasmine flower, and then rise up to float upon the edges of its beauty over the course of the day, or night, this is a charismatic version of this great note to have in your repertoire.

75 ml for $115. You can order it from the site, and also try it at MIN, New York. I received my sample with a purchase of another perfume from MIN. If this was their way of getting me intrigued with Keiko Mecheri, it worked, because now I want to try more fragrances from this line, which is a new one for me.
Above image: white petal fractal from Free 3d Images;
Jasmine perfume flacon from Keiko Mecheri online.

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