October 21, 2011

Clarimonde Immortal Mine and LostPastRemembered Wine

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The story by Theophile Gautier  of Clarimonde, has appropriately given rise to a perfume that captures the vivid beauty of the story, Immortal Mine by Maria Mcelroy and Alexis Karl, collaborating as The House of Cherry Bomb.  

This perfume is rich and dense, and as it opens it reminds me of white smoke trapped in a honeycomb, causing drowsiness among the bees, so they lay quietly while the keeper siphons off the honey. 

So it was for the young man, sleeping deeply after drinking the wine Clarimonde prepared each night. Something like the perfumed port made by LostPastRemembered, so that he won't notice Clarimonde taking a drop of his blood each night to keep herself alive.  She knows she must continue to live because he still loves her, so to extend her life, perhaps into immortality, she does what she must.  Even after he becomes aware of what she is doing, he is so enthralled he realizes he would freely give her much more.  That would be dangerous indeed.

The wine, perfumed and sedative, gives incredibly vivid dreams -- is he truly the voluptuary alter-ego of an ascetic priest?  Or is the self-denying priest's life his deepest self, using dreams to warn him of the danger of losing his immortal soul?  When he awakes as a priest he uses wine in the sacraments, to unify people with God.  As Clarimonde's lover he uses it as a connoisseur for pleasure and she uses it to gain some of his vitality, yet still in kindness to him because she knows he loves her and would not want her to die.

Immortal Mine dries down into a tobacco honeyed phase which lasts for a few minutes, then down to the vintage oud that holds the faint memory of the florals to itself closely.  Extremely sexy.  The central theme of this perfume is hypnotic attraction.  It sinks deeply into the skin, and is made with approximately 98% precious natural materials.  There is a hint of beeswax and  florals, but my favorite explanation of the ingredients of this perfume comes directly from Alexis Karl:

Immortal Mine

Ingredients List.

Soil from an unmarked grave.  One single drop of blood from a slain Wyvern, the sweet elixer of dying jasmine and fading neroliAmber found in ancient tombs of civilizations lost.  Longing.  
Essence of smoke from the funeral pyre.  A cut of material from Bela Lugosi's cape, the dust from a bats wing.  Wood resins gathered from the Forest of the Dead, Myrrh scraped from the cliffs of The Dark Realm.  Precious ouds unearthed from burning desert sands.  Wax dripping from black, white and pink  candles, ashes of a Phoenix, words from a dead poet's mouth.  Rare herbs found in a cathedral's forgotten garden.  Desire.

Indeed, as I linger over the last of the perfumed wine that fills my mouth with ambergris, musk, rose, honey and chocolate, that scent rising up from the back of my throat, I sink more deeply into the fragrant complexity on my inside wrist, and would myself seek to dream such vivid dreams of ultimate and Immortal Love.

Please follow the links at The Clarimonde Perfume Project for all posts from all the writers and further information about the perfumes, and the links to the story of Clarimonde, by Theophile Gautier.  One is a beautiful reading of the story and the other a free ebook download.

Please try the recipe for the perfumed wine, and find out much more about the myth of the vampire at LostPastRemembered by Deana Sidney; it is a spectacular site.  Also please see the most enjoyable Tarlesio, aka  Sheila Eggenberger, at The Alembicated Genie, who has also posted on Clarimonde  - Blood and Kisses - and will continue to do so.  Monica Miller of the Perfume Pharmer  wrote me an engaging letter about her perfumes and lip stains for Clarimonde and will be posting about the other perfumers too: Mandy Aftel and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. Beth Schreibman Gehring at the Windesphere Witch and Trish at Scent Hive will also be posting about all the perfumes in the coming days.

Maria Mcelroy (of Aroma M, I have written about her perfumes several times, please check the archives) and Alexis Karl, the collaborators on Immortal Mine are treating this Clarimonde Project as a special limited edition, because the vintage nature of the ingredients makes them  irreplaceable.  They will produce modified versions of the perfume as the materials are limited in nature (that list!)  Their collaboration continues as The House of Cherry Bomb.  Immortal Mine  is available at Indiescents

Alexis Karl singing songs with Ondyne's Demise, inspired by Immortal Mine.... 
Please visit the Clarimonde Perfume Project site for links to all the posts on this perfume, and the other perfumes made for Clarimonde.
Photo of flacon of Immortal Mine provided by the perfumers.
Above Portrait of a Young Woman by Fuseli

Disclosure:  Samples provided to me by the perfumers.
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