April 10, 2011

Aftelier Give-Away Winner of Memento and Wildflowers

Ann Wooledge is the winner of Memento and Wildflowers-- and I see she is an aromatherapist who has said she will have an introduction to natural perfumes this way.  There could not be a better way -- the materials are truly beautiful and I think she will enjoy and appreciate these perfumes all the more because of that.  Congratulations!  Ann, please contact me at indieperfumes at gmail dot com with your address and I will request  Aftelier to send the perfumes to you directly. 

Thank you to Mandy Aftel for the generous give away, and good luck to her three finalist perfumes at the Fragrance Foundation Awards, Candide, Lumiere and Honey Blossom.

Above image from the Aftelier studio.


potionprincess said...


grapegoddess.blogspot..com said...

I lost my sense of smell years ago, ironically I used to sell perfumes! Thank you for your beautiful blog which brings back to me all the reasons why I loved the many different fragrances of life!

Steve R said...

they are all great perfumes congratulations to the winner

Lucy said...

Thanks for your kind congratulations, potionprincess and Steve R;
grapegodess, I am sad to hear you have lost your sense of smell -- it has also happened to my sister and others I know. I see you have recently been to some beautiful places from your site and I hope that those experiences do assuage your loss a bit, I imagine they would, perhaps make your other senses keener...
I am rooting for Aftelier to win the award in May, and will write again soon about Honey especially.

It is so great that there will now be more acknowledgment from the mainstream for the best of natural perfumes.