December 11, 2010

Dominque Dubrana - Abdes Salam Attar - La Via del Profumo - Aromatherapy

"A natural perfumer leaves behind himself a “sillage” like a river, he is in love with perfumes. They are joy to his heart and sanity to his mind. This is how natural perfumers live immersed in natural scents."
Dominique Dubrana, the French/Sufi perfumer, has generously offered a free short course in aromatherapy, based on his experiences traveling in Africa and the Middle East.  These experiences have given him a bit of a different perspective  on the familiar essences of lavender, peppermint, ginger, frankincense, and others.

As he says:
"I am launching a free course of Aromatherapy.
Please take some time to have a look at it, and if you find that it is meant for the benefit of the people and not for commercial reasons, I would appreciate that you spread the news.
I have are illustrated in a small measure on my blog the stunning effects that  aromatherapy can have, with reports and pictures from my Timbuktu experiences.
Maybe you already know these pages
(scroll down a few texts)"

So I thought I would indeed spread the word, as he requests, since for me this makes quite a lovely unexpected gift, coming at this holiday season.  It is is of interest to all who love perfume and the materials and essences of perfumes.
Above photo from the Smellbound  NYT article on Dominique Dubrana
Above top quote from an interview in Sniffapalooza Magazine with Raphaella Barkley and Dominique Dubrana


JoanElaine said...

Mr. Dubrana has proved time and again he has a generous soul.

You make a very important point about sharing the information for the benefit of others rather then commercial gain. Mr. Dubrana is sharing information many would hold proprietary.

On a related note, have you experienced his Zafferano? It's gorgeous.

Lucy said...


Yes, it's remarkable. I love that he chose this time of year to send this around too, a gift for the holidays.
I have not had a wide experience, only the Balsamo del Mecca. I need to try the Zafferano and others. Thanks for the tip!

VintageLady said...

I have saved the document that I will read with great curiosity, as well as a happy heart as sufism is a tradition that always amazes me and keeps me wanting to know more in many fields, where it really can be felt.

Thanks so much for this article that made me discover Dubrana and his creations.

Lucy said...

Vintage Lady,

Yes, Sufism is very poetic and mystical, as is this perfumer...

Qwendy said...

Lucy, thanks so much for circulating this along with his picture -- so glad he is part of our perfumery world -- luckily I'm not much younger, or I would find myself traipsing off to become a follower! I will circulate this to friends as you and he suggest! XXX

Lucy said...

I know what you mean Wendy, I would too! So nice to see you on your visit and that class at Enfleurage was a lovely experience xxx