December 5, 2010

Acorelle, a perfume collection for well-being

This is a soothing and pleasant collection, made by a French company that makes organic-certified range of scents composed to use the benefits of aromatherapy principals within a traditional pyramid structure of top middle and base notes, as within a true perfume structure. Their purpose is to increase a personal sense of well-being, and that they do skillfully.

They are all clean and light, in the sense of uplifting, and their sweetness, when it occurs, is effervescent in quality. They make me think of the scent equivalent to champagne, rather than the dense richness of brandy or liqueur that is analogous to the quality of many of the natural perfumes I have recently tried.

Even the Vanille Ambree EDP is as if channeled through a prism of light, beaming rays of the top notes of a vanilla over the softest powdered aspect of sandalwood. It also contains Peru essence, essential oil of patchouli and bitter almond, meant to combat fatigue.

There are three perfumes within three families, and the themes are energizing, balancing and soothing, with variations within these themes such as comforting, harmonizing, stimulating and relaxing.

Dynamisant (energizing) : Jardin de Thes/Tea Garden, Baies Sauvages/Wild Berries, and Vanille Ambree/Amber Vanilla;

Equilibrant (balancing): Amande de Ble/Wheat Almond, R de Rose/R of Rose, Terre de Cedre/Land of Cedar;

Apaisant (soothing): Orchidee Blanche/White Orchid, Lotus Bambou/Bomboo Lotus, Vervaine Agrume/Citrus Verbena

All of these titles are familiar combinations of the commonly used notes of most perfumes, though many of them are created with accords of natural essential oils instead of the actual named note of the perfume. But they are true to their names, except that their style is distinctively light and effervescent and their action is subtle while still staking out a definite presence. A few are not as note specific, such as R of Rose, which is more rose geranium than rose, for balancing, and Vervaine Agrume made with petitgrain and litsea, both simpler than what you would expect, but also reaching for a more therapeutic/mood affecting aim.

They surround one in a subtle aura of the ease of summer, with a sillage more like a sense of freshness and energy than anything you could actually put your finger on. As quiet as they are they still make a contrast with the dry air of the heated interiors in the cold and dark days. I would imagine they really come into their own in the hotter months since they are the essence of refreshment.

The medium is an organic wheat alcohol, and the staying power is such that you get the full effect immediately, which then holds close to the skin and fades rather quickly, but the softness is such that you can reapply frequently without going overboard. It all depends on the moisture of the skin, which greatly extends the hold of the scents. As you would expect with the eco-cert organic labeling there are no parabens, synthetics, chemical fixatives, phthalates or coloring agents.

There is also a body spray strength that is meant to be portable, or even kept in a desk drawer at work and reapplied as frequently as desired, at a 2-3% strength, for a hit of the aroma-therapeutic benefits whenever one is so moved. These all seem like they would not trigger complaints about perfume at work or elsewhere, rather, they seem like they give more the impression of having just showered and washed your hair. Holding the scented area close to the nose gives the fuller effect of the perfume with the personal skin tone showing through and enhanced, with the sense of clarity above all.

This is a creative use of the aromatherapy principals taking a modern direction and useful for those of us who like to enjoy the specifically mood enhancing effects of perfume notes. The whole line is very well priced too, which is a big plus these days, and I see on the site that there are also plans for a wide body products in the coming year, which is interesting too.

I appreciate a well thought out line like this which works in its entirety and in its parts. It can be layered, is completely organic and affordable and most useful for everyday situations such as work or even the gym or going out to crowded places like the theater or for traveling. Their classical sense of balance and care for environment and health do indeed enhance my personal sense of well being.

Please visit their site for more complete information on the notes of all the perfumes, and prices and stores.  There is a sampler set available at Lush Oasis.

First illustration above: Redoute, the French "Raphael des Fleurs",  Les Liliacees, a book that also includes some spectacular orchids


Anonymous said...

Yet these are made with synthetic aromatics, very contrary to aromatherapy! This sort of con artist word play by this company is very bad for aromatherapy.

Lucy said...

I believe you are mistaken, anonymous. The materials are organic and certified and made in the EU, where the rules are rather stricter than here for such labeling.