October 12, 2010

Gracing the Dawn

Roxana of Illuminated Perfumes makes botanical/natural perfumes that are rooted in her favorite conceptual themes. Her thinking about perfume relates to nature and also closely to her own and her husband’s work in illustration, which specializes in their fascination with old legends, stories of nature worship, myths, fairy tales,  poetry and songs about these subjects.

Her hand-made limited edition perfumes are composed from rare and often unique botanical and natural elements chosen to illustrate moments and concepts steeped in nature and such legends. In this case her new perfume relates directly to a painting by her husband illustrating the concept of the dawn being graced by nature spirits awakening and enlivened by the early light.

The composition is in the form of a floral Chypre.  In reference to the theme of the painting,  a nature spirit is represented materially by the tincture she has made from violets gathered earlier this year.  The top notes of citrus and ginger provide the brightness of dawning light, the three graces are represented by the classical perfume elements of rose, jasmine and mimosa as the delicate butterflies, and a darker accord base represents the black boughs, blended from a trio of base accords that have appeared in certain other of her perfumes, with a touch of Africa stone.

Full and strong straight out of the gate, it is ephemeral as the dawn, moving quickly through its phases and leaving a vivid memory. It is an essentially a very different type of perfume experience.  I think of it as one to be worn for the momentary bright experience of the captured vitality of fragrant natural substances, very much like the the taste of a glass of fine wine or a liqueur, moving through your body and senses in an olfactory way rather than through the mouth.

The elements of Roxana's perfumes are benign and pure,  and basically beneficial to the skin with no harsh fixatives, so I apply this perfume on the skin above my upper lip so as to get the fullest effect. 

What you are invited to experience is a unique moment of time in nature captured with materials hand-selected and composed to illustrate a magical theme that unites the young child and the ancient tribal, aboriginal being that still lives somewhere within you.

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Above: The inspiring detail of Gracing the Dawn by ©Greg Spalenka 


Flora said...

Lovely review, Lucy! I see that all of us who are involved in this project have a very different take on the perfume, but it's all good!


Lucy said...

Donna, I love the writing styles of all who have participated.

I think after doing extra moisturizing, I got a longer development period with the perfume. My skin got very dry lately -- vaseline the only thing that seems to work on my hands, tho it seems rather extreme...

nuages said...

"..composed to illustrate a magical theme that unites the young child and the ancient tribal, aboriginal being that still lives somewhere within you."

Gosh, this is written perfectly.

I just visited Roxana's website & found it so calming.. all scents holding beautiful inspiration & notes.

Lucy said...

Thank you nuages!

Yes, Roxana's aesthetic is a healing and visually engaging one. I find her scents are all wrapped together with her and her husband's visual art, & the legends and stories they illustrate, & with classic perfume and botanical traditions.

My Castle in Spain said...

Hello Lucy,
I'm glad to discover your perfumed universe...the chocolate perfumes intrigue me.
Thank you for your visits :-)

Lucy said...

Lala, I have put a link to you on FB, your site is such an enjoyable escape for the likes of us in NYC...