July 10, 2010

The Winner Is

La Bonne Vivante! Congratulations. Please email me with your full information and you will soon receive a full bottle of Tallulah B, from a Wing and a Prayer Perfumes. Enjoy!


La Bonne Vivante said...

wow! I feel very lucky! Thanks to all you MoM people, and you in particular, Lucy, for making this awesome event happen. It was a thrill to read all the reviews and musings.

And to win a bottle? well... absolute delight.

I'm emailing you with my info straightaway!

La Bonne Vivante said...

alas, I am unable to access your email address...could you email me, perhaps, at smh78@cornell.edu?

Tamara*J said...

Yahyah! Sarah! I wanna hear how you like it K? Congrats Sweety<3

Lucy , I wanna try Verdigris, it sounds like something I would adore. Forest scents are few and far between but when well done a absolute delight to my senses.

Take care, and as always, love your blog ;)