March 5, 2010

Alice! - Roxana Illuminated Perfumes - Smell Me

O my goodness, now I recall that I was supposed to do this yesterday! Not feeling well at all, at all, and anxious to send this post on time, I have asked my friend Leah to help me out. She is never late.

I must say even though I myself am wracked with chills I can still feel the quickening of Spring in New York City. The aroma of fresh air clings to people and animals when they come in from outside.

Being ill sometimes feels like one has landed in an alternate universe.
I look forward to bounding through the grass of springtime when I recover, taking in the scents of freshly blooming plants and flowers. I look forward to seeing the film Alice as soon as possible!

Roxana of Illuminated Perfumes has made us a surprise and a prize, based on the theme of Alice, for correctly guessing the following:

GAME: What is the use of a talking about a perfume without smelling it? To be entered to win a sample of "Smell Me" please visit each participating blog and determine which character from the story each blogger has assumed. E-mail your guess to Roxana(at) . Five winners will be chosen to receive a sample of the first edition trial of the fragrance. The game will end next Thursday at 10pm PST. In the meantime free samples will be sent with any orders of $25 or more placed in the next seven days. One gram vials will be available at Roxana's E-shop later today.

Here are the other four clues:

lluminated Perfume

Perfume Shrine

The Windsphere Witch

Perfume Smellin' Things


chayaruchama said...

Poor creature-
Has it now become the flu ???

I send you love.

Lucy said...

Dear C/I
I suppose it must be.
I've been listening to the Carolina Chocolate Drops to cheer me up. Quite the lively crew!

Roxana said...

Fabulous to hear that you are feeling the quickening of the Spring time. Intending your bodily dis-ease moves through quickly.

Jae Young Lee said...

Hi, sorry I'm trying to figure out the clue but where is your clue??

Lucy said...

Hi Jae,

My clue is in the reference at the beginning to time and lateness --

good luck!

Lucy said...

Thank you Roxana, it is quickly going through, tho not gone, got up and went to class Saturday and went to see Alice! which was great...