January 30, 2010

Balsamo Della Mecca- La Via de Profumo

A long lasting, intense, almost masculine combination of labdanum and frankincense, this is a union between the traditional ambiance of sacred interior spaces and an intoxicating great-outdoors atmosphere of aromatic resins and balsams exuded by mountainside plants.  Softening subtle notes of Tonka, tobacco, damask rose, and tuberose round out its strength.  Hand-made in Italy with natural ingredients, this is a cross of traditional Arabian perfume aesthetics, with its strong sense of the sacred, and the deeply wild quality of natural ingredients which seem to have been used in a more unadulterated, unfiltered and powerful form than what we usually experience. 

Above photo from Abdes Salam Attar, Perfume Composer  Profumo "Scents of the Soul"


Anonymous said...


Your reviews are rich with sensory descriptions that hit all the right notes.

A new reader, I'm enjoying following along.

Lucy said...

Thank you dear reader, your encouragement is most appreciated.