July 19, 2009

Crazylibellule and the Poppies

Crazylibellule and the Poppies solid perfumes sticks are often carried in the really good old style independent pharmacies that carry lots of beauty products in NYC, such as New London, or Bigelow, as well as in Sephora, and it is really nice to have something simple yet so well made at such a reasonable price of about $18. They have no parabens, or artificial coloring, or alcohol, and the packaging is very pretty and ecologically benign. They are generous, so a perfume stick will last you through the summer at least. I like portable perfume, and these travel well. The scent holds very close to the body, comes on in a melting emollient base which feels like a waxy moisturizer. They are a mood lifting, pick me up for the summer work day, and also for the errands-and-gym routine of the weekend, because they are quite soft and don't throw scent far. They are more for personal or intimate enjoyment rather than for making a big public impression. They layer well also, with each other, or perhaps another simple summer cologne such as Roger & Gallet Gingembre. I can see them as appropriate for the very young or for any age, in a casual way.

Three new ones in the Les Garconnes Collection (which all feature a typically masculine fragrance note such as vetiver or guaiacum wood) are Rose a Saigon, Hommage a Gabrielle, and Tamara Charleston. They all three have a turn of the 20th century feel to them. What an interesting period of time that was; there was the beginning of the freedom of the modern age for women, while they were still formed by the softness of the past.

Rose a Saigon, inspired by French colonial Indochina of the twenties, has a humid rose/ylang and passion-fruit top with a light smokiness in the base, like languid cigarette smoke rising up in the conservatory. There is also jasmine, vetiver and a light patchouli.

Tamara Charleston makes me think of what the French idea of an old fashioned American Southern summer would be like. White floral, gin and lime, absinthe and hay, humid and green, the moment right before having that iced cocktail. Green madarine, peach and amber. The sepia of amber especially gives that twenties feel.

Hommage a Gabrielle is in honor of Coco Chanel, and it gives the sense of dense ivy drying down to incense. Cedar, peony, leather, elemi crystals (from a brazilian resinous tree) vanilla, jasmine and ozonic flower. It is softness pointed sharp by the cedar and ozone. The drydown is primarily woody incense with a touch of green ozone tang.

I must remember to keep the inner cap on the sticks, because they dry out otherwise.
These are fun and affordable yet very thoughtfully made small luxuries, made in France. From what I have read, it appears that spending is down on luxury goods of all kinds, but that is to be expected, especially after the amazing highs of recent prior years. All the more reason to be pleased with these well priced little indulgences.

I like the kohl rimmed eyes and the graceful, casual up-do of the lady above. This is a vintage image but she still looks very modern to me. If the rest of her showed tattoos and muscle tone she would fit right into downtown Manhattan or Brooklyn right now...


Tania said...

Oh, I love these! I had to get them online, as there doesn't seem to be anywhere bricks-and-mortar to buy them in London. They are so handy for carrying around/travelling, and cute, and they smell good.
I must try these new releases. Ta for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

I recently bought the Lilas Spiritual--it smelled so pretty and is so easy to wear. You also bring up a good point about them being good for traveling with all these new restrictions! Jen

Lucy said...

Tania -- I do like these three the most of any others I have tried...and I do like travel size perfume for the bag a lot.

Lucy said...

Anon. -- I don't know Lilas Spiritual -- sacred Lily?

Sounds nice.

ScentScelf said...

I have the Lilas Spiritual, too, and it is a very pleasant with enough interest lilac. (Sorry, been a while since I've actually applied...can't conjure actual side notes.)

This latest trio intrigue me...am glad to hear that you are pleased with them, Lucy..."affordable luxury" is always pleasant, but especially now.

Lucy said...

ScentScelf, dear, yes indeed. I recently read about the changes in spending habits among women who had tremendous "beauty" spending in their lives during the height of the economy, who have now cut back. I should do a post about the issue in general...

The Left Coast Nose said...

Oooooh-- I hadn't heard about these-- they sound LOVELY. I'm loving the idea of having total control over applying scent right now. I'm hating the spritzer, even though so many of my favorite bottles have them.

I'll have to head down to Sephora and go sniff them. Nice site. Just discovered it.

Rita @leftcoastnose