October 22, 2008


Sometimes you want to compose your own olfactory experience. This often happens at the start of a new season with me. I start thinking about exactly what I would want in a perfume for this particular seasonal moment. Right now, what I want is a hot flame of intense colorful scent arising from a background of coolness. Like this tree. With rose too, rose has become a scent I crave lately, combined with wet earth and leaves, and burning wood.

In aid of this longing for a rose for the coming colder weather, I have been combining a few samples I recently received from Sonoma Scent Studio.

I have put Vintage Rose and Velvet Rose on one arm and Winter Woods on the other. I think I may have to add a very earthy note to get closer to what I seek. I may be able to get hold of some CB I Hate Perfume in the earthy/dirt category and add that, perhaps on the shoulders, and the other scents applied to each wrist. After about a half an hour I find it all symphonically combines together. I never layer things right on top of each other, that seems going a bit too far and on the sacrilegious side, for me. What results is a soft balsamic tar, with an almost tobacco-like rose tone that shades into an incense mist rising up around me.

I saw from his site today that Andy Tauer is pursuing a winter rose theme lately, and bringing it to a medieval art-and-life sort of festivity nearby to try on the attendees. I expect that would probably hit the nail right on the head for me. I can't wait to find out how that transpires over time. If it results in a commercially released winter rose that would be like hitting the jack pot.

This weekend is the Fall Sniffa, and I look forward to the scent marathon it will be. It seems a little odd to consider any more perfume purchases as this time, as the economic situation collapses around me, and also considering I am not exactly wealthy to start with, either. Still, the company and the activity is very welcome right now. I am also thinking the humid green of L'Artisasn Eau de Liane could be just the thing to get me through the dark days of winter and the gloom of economic slowdown to come, and it would make a good counter-balance to my mulch-burning wood/rose fixation.

Above photo from Jackie Weisberg's very nice photostream on flickr. (See here)


ScentScelf said...

Have fun at Sniffa...may something up your alley turn up in front of you. :)

Happy Fall.

Lucy said...

S -- Thanks so much. There was a lot going on at the Sniffa and I will post about it soon. Yes, Fall is really here.