April 15, 2008

Septimanie Perfumes

One of the perfumes featured by Aedes for the Spring Sniffa was Pavillon des Fleurs, an eau de parfum by Septimanie Perfumes and Jeanne Weber was there to talk about it. As a garden designer, she is inspired by the mood lifting experience of the blooming pleasure garden, especially at night, so it makes sense she chose the jasmine note to be predominant in her first perfume. Jasmine has been traditionally used for its mood elevating and balancing properties and certain types are used in garden compositions for a hypnotically strong and carrying fragrance outside at night. This is a dense and heavy white floral scent, very aromatic, and best used in my opinion in tiny doses because it radiates out on contact with skin in a heavy jasmine cloud. The other notes are Comoran Ylang, Orange Blossom, Lily of the Valley, English Leather, Clove, and Iris which gives it a slightly cooler aftertaste. I think it could also have great potential for layering purposes. I tried it with even more Iris, from Le Labo, and the candied sweetness and chill of the iris moderated the heat of the jasmine and toned it down for daytime use. I think this fragrance really comes into its own at night, I can imagine sleeping in this perfume, it would give pleasant dreams. I can imagine layering it with other strong florals also, such as violet and rose and also with tea fragrances.

Aedes looked especially beautiful that afternoon, and was filled to the brim with a bunch of concentrating perfumistas. I was looking forward to seeing the two Aedes dogs again but they stayed in the back, because there was not enough room for them to lounge around on the carpet in their customary way. One of the best experiences of these events is enjoying new perfumes with the other enthusiasts who have highly developed their own particular tastes and preferences but show such avid curiosity and pleasure when given the opportunity to try something new and really special. Many thanks to the team of Karen Adams and Karen Dubin of Sniffapalooza who have established this way of bringing people together for an intensive and wide ranging experience of the most beautiful perfumes.

Above illustration, an 18th century garden folly, part of the packaging image from Septimanie.


Anya said...

Hi Lucy
Great to see you back blogging and it sounds as if you had a great Sniffa experience.


Lucy said...

Thanks Anya. I am glad to see so many more fine perfumes out there made with organic and natural ingredients. A great trend and your energy behind it had a lot to do with it...

chayaruchama said...

Hi, Anya !
Hi, Angelface !

Boy, am I delinquent...
Mea culpa [ beats breast in appropriately Carmelite manner] !

So glad to see you 'back in action '.
Great photoshow, btw...

Lovely lady, and fragrance, I concur.
You made the day better.
Wish we had more time...

Lucy said...

Dear Chaya -- your presence enhanced the perfumes and the experience for me so much.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion -- you are a life force!