November 9, 2007

Notes and Explanations

I have been working on getting something new online so I haven't been posting much here lately, and now I feel that I must take the next two months off as far as posting on this site goes (pretty much) to concentrate on getting the new project off the ground, in the limited free time that I have. I plan to come back after the New Year, after I have got a lot more done to get things more firmly established.

My new project is related to pets and animals (I know many perfumistas are devoted animal lovers, which really heartens me -- see this link to the comments on a recent Perfume Posse posting on Things I Love Right Now -- many cite their pets). The relationships people have with their pets interests me very much. It makes sense that many of us who are very conscious of our sense of smell do also seem to have special inter-species affinities...maybe it's the whole heightened sensory awareness thing we share, who knows? I will put up a link to this new thing of mine as soon as it is ready for general consumption.

I may get a chance to do a little posting from time to time, so if you are interested in receiving anything new that may come from me before I really start up again, I suggest subscribing by email.

In the meantime, I will take whatever chance I get to enjoy other people's perfume sites. It seems to me, especially lately, so many have done posts that are wonderfully entertaining, surprising and creative. Quite the rapid and intense bursts of inspiration, all around (I am thinking especially of things I've read lately onNow Smell This and Perfume Posse. There are so many other great sites, as well! I could spend hours on them all... )

Lastly I wanted to share some rather odd things I have run across in the news of late, in case you may have missed them -- that article in the NYT about the deodorization culture we live in (see link here) also gave the flip side of thinking of perhaps skipping the zealous use of antiperspirant from time to time to let the mild skin smell through -- especially in winter, when you are not exerting yourself much. It seems pretty opposite advice to everything we are bombarded with commercially, but considering the reality of how frequently Americans bathe and wash their clothes, there could be no harm in trying it out sometimes, right? I have noticed while on the train especially that some people smell much better than others, and it's not about perfume. My favorites are people who are obviously from India. It must be the vegetarian diets, and the strong aura of all those red and yellow Indian spices. Much less appealing is sitting beside someone who has been drinking alcohol or coffee, and smoking. Too bad, since I like the smell of tobacco, in and of itself, and coffee, and smoke too, for that matter. Just something about the combination doesn't work.

Another combination of things that doesn't really work for me right now (and many many many would disagree) is the marriage of celebrities and perfume (Unforgivable is the best seller in this country at the moment, so it goes to show what I know). Here is a link to a string of videos of celebrities promoting fragrances that I ran across on MSN. Somehow the buzz and tension surrounding the famous works against my enjoyment, and distracts from the qualities of indefinable grace and complexity and mystery that are important components of perfume beauty for me. Maybe in the future I will change my mind, and love them all. Sometimes it takes a little distance and time to be able to appreciate what's there that is good, and just ignore the baggage...think of all those vintage ads and posters that look so charming to us now...

Above vintage snapshot from my collection of a woman with her what looks to be an Italian Greyhound (my breed!) from the early twenties, I believe.


Vetivresse said...

L., It's all about following that garden of forking paths till you find your bliss. I'm excited for you. The celebrity fragrance craze will get old quickly (already has), but it is a sad day indeed when imposters with no interest in fragrance themselves, and no desire to learn, put their name on an artificial scent wagered on their artificial fame. People would do well to revisit the classics, penetrate beyond the first ring of the fragrance/cosmetics counters and perhaps reread their paperback copies of Erich Fromm. Lemming see, lemming do.

Lucy said...

Thanks, V, and I do enjoy your site so much. Especially all the personal references to deliriously beautiful sense memories triggered by your favorites.

I must admit I missed Erich Fromm to start with. I'll look into The Art of Loving forthwith!

greeneyes said...

Good luck on your project Lucy!

Leopoldo said...

All the best wishes for this great project idea. I'm looking forward to hearing the results!

Lucy said...

Thank you g and l --

I feel this is the right thing, so hopefully my enthusiasm translates into success. I will certainly be linking to my new site as soon as it is ready. Thank you so much for your kind wishes!

Veronica said...

Lucy, I'll miss reading your blog but I know you'll be back refreshed and enriched with new understanding. Best of luck with your new project, I'm looking forward to getting to know it. Oh yes, it's interesting how my rekindled interest in parfume coincided with getting two cats in my house after not having any for years...
Sorry about the misspellings

Divina said...

Just wanted to wish you best of luck with your new project. Do keep us updated!

chayaruchama said...

We'll keep in touch, regardless...

How could I do without your sweet, sane voice illuminating the darkness ?

Love the photo !

Lucy said...

Thank you all, darlings! There are a lot more photos of people with their pets that are extraordinary, and I will link to the new project as soon as possible, so you can enjoy them too.
I expect to steal time and read other people's sites nonetheless, and keep up on things that way.

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pavithra said...

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Anonymous said...

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Thanks to all in advance.