September 14, 2007


I wanted to change the look of this site because the black background was starting to seem too heavy to me, it was too much of an influence on the feel of the writing and the illustrations. I may make more changes before I am through, so please be patient. Yesterday I decided to take some photos of natural elements before various plants and flowers I often refer to are gone for this year. It's nice to use my own images sometimes instead of other illustrations for my thoughts.

I noticed this reflection in one of the water lily pools at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; there was a bird flying overhead with the seed-heads of the lotus reflecting back into the sky on the surface of the water.

 This is what this site is for me, a reflection of the elements that make up the experience of scents. I look forward to sampling many more perfumes, materials and substances in the coming months, -- lotus for one. I am also looking forward to a Guerlain Master Class sponsored by Sniffapalooza tomorrow.

I have learned a lot about the great French perfume houses from other blog-sites. I think those that review all the new releases and the classics tell us much of what we need to know about the traditions of fine perfume, and keep us aware of the thoughts, preferences and new directions taken by the true connoisseurs, and intrigue us into trying those that seem like they would really speak to our condition. I feel that my role is different in that I am looking into the basic building blocks of what it is about this form of beauty that affects me and others so much and in what ways.

For me perfumes are a departure for the imagination. Thinking of the places they remind me of, the places the elements have come from, their uses in the past, thinking of the references in imagery and words I remember, and of course feeling the connection to nature they provide. Often also the feel of the modern world that they distill. The new season is poised for the release of many new perfumes, and there is still a lot to find out and enjoy about all the elements that comprise beauty in fragrances.

Above photo, Lucy Raubertas (click to enlarge)


chayaruchama said...

I will miss you; wish I could attend the Guerlain class !

[I'm still out of commission, with a splinted wrist- so I've been reading, but not writing ]

What a lovely photo that is.
Evocative and ethereal.

Love to you and the Dant-ster...

Vetivresse said...

Lucy- It was great to finally meet you at the sumptuous Guerlain event. I'm digging the new design of the site. -Cheers, Christopher

Lucy said...

Hi Chaya -- I am so sorry to hear you hurt yourself -- I hope you are not in any pain!
Reading is such a pleasure, I hope you have something you are really enjoying.

Christopher: It was great to meet you too -- amazing the strength of the Guerlain fragrances, they seem more concentrated somehow...