September 11, 2007


After a long period of time in a perfume or EDP mode, I have lately come to really appreciate Eau de Toilette. At the last Sniffa I got a sample of Euphoria EDT with Ylang Ylang/Vanilla made by Apivita which I never tried till now, because I have been so single minded in the pursuit of perfume, and I am surprised to find I have fallen in love with it. There is something to be said for the ability to wear a fragrance as an all over body spray. This fragrance definitely adds to a sense of well being -- it must be the notes of the natural essential oils of ylang-ylang, vanilla, grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine, cinnamon, and sandalwood. On me, the vanilla predominates with the sandalwood and cinnamon, but I suspect it must have something to do with those citrus notes, working subliminally. Because it is so sheer it is not overwhelming even with all over use after the shower, but it is most definitely there. I catch whiffs of it walking around and I wonder -- what smells so good, it's really relaxing -- and then I realize, hey, it's me. So I went to their website and was really quite impressed to find that they use 65% green tea instead of water as a base for EDTs; they are based in Greece and aim to protect and promote the value of the native plants, and that they revere bees and their products (hence the "api" vita, because they use bee pollen, honey, propolis, and other api-cultural doings in their products as much as possible.) The company was started by two medical doctors who became interested in promoting beauty through the use of the native and traditional plants and products of the Greek landscape such as olive oil, honey and herbs. Their site also gives some very appealing recipes in the Apicosmos section, promoting healthy nutrition, such as special pancakes and goat cheese salad with honey dressing.
Available online from their site, and also at Bigelow and New London Pharmacy, Nordstrom, Fred Segal and many department stores, check their online site for listings.
Above illustration from their header in the Apicosmos section of the site.


helg said...

I am enchanted that you discovered this brand! I love their new soli-scents (for lack of a better word), especially Jasmine (a charming rendition) and Earth (a deep aromatic chypre with patchouli). My latest discoveries!
Do try them.

Lucy said...

Helg -- I really love the line and the idea in general.
I shall certainly try Jasmine and Earth asap...

Divina said...

So cool you found this brand! The apivita masks are awesome, especially their eye mask. I really really liked spice, earth and wood from their fragrances. I wanted to play with the other aromatherapy products as well, but the shop had no testers. Grrrr..

Lucy said...

Hi Divina!
Your site is very interesting and thoughtful!
I am very intrigued with the idea of the "earth" fragrance.
The sample they were giving out that time for Euphoria was gigantic, very generous. Too bad they didn't
have testers where you were.
I think I am becoming a real fan of this line, I love the whole idea and aesthetic, sense of history and the ingredients they use and the way they all work together...I would love to find a true "honey" scent...

Margarite said...

And - you can get all the Apivita line delivered free from

They have some gorgeous new gift sets with some fragrances I havn't tried yet. This site also gives away loads of testers with every order - I've had tons!

Lucy said...

Thanks M, shipping costs do add a lot to the price --- I will look into it.