August 16, 2007

Rest, Unrest, and Roses

Insomnia has been plaguing me, as it does many. Fighting it too hard can be counterproductive. I find it best to just accept it and look for rest in other ways. I read somewhere recently that ten minutes of deep relaxation each day will do all manner of good things for the body mind and emotions, just as sleep does. It's rejuvenating, strengthens the immune system, balances the brain and hormonal chemistry and promotes healing of the tissues. Deep relaxation can be accessed in many ways, such as meditation, certain yoga poses, deep breathing, or self hypnosis.

There are a number of soothing fragrances from essences that can help promote deep bodily and mental rest, such as chamomile, lavender, and rose. Of course, ingesting them is also beneficial for rest and stress release.
A friend gave me some Rose Petal Elixir from Avena Botanicals, hand-made from organic red rugosa petals from an island off the coast of Maine. It is delicious and tastes of roses.

Sometimes ten minutes of deep rest, similar to the napping throughout the day that animals do, can provide balance when the sleep of deep dreams eludes you.

Above, Roses on the beach, USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database


Zz said...

Those old pesky hormones are often the cause of sleepless nights for many women approaching their forties and well into the fifties. I have found that these episodes are less bothersome when alcohol is removed from the diet as well as protein late in the day.
Keeping a steady balance is always the best thing, and eating right goes a long way.
Best, Zz......

Lucy said...

Thanks Zz,
I am boringly virtuous, but pesky is the indeed the word...
If I started training for a marathon, that might help (how alarming!)

chayaruchama said...

Oh ladies,
I am familiar with that sad refrain.
I used to be such a sound sleeper.
Lovely scents at bedtime make it easier, and some herbal tea from the Netherlands.

When in doubt, the Old Testament can really help, especially Leviticus...[LOL, ruefully]- or the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

The Paris Apartment said...

It's so hard to shut down, why do we fight so hard?! I find that deep breathing and meditation help relax me when i just can't turn my mind off. I'll try lavender next time too.