July 17, 2007

Bigelow Chemists, NYC

Bigelow's, in the West Village on Sixth Avenue near Eighth Street claims to be the oldest continually operating drug store/apothecary in the U.S., and it's well worth a visit for anyone who loves to get involved with considering their options as to personal care products, in the same way that others might plunge into a series of good mystery novels or get lost in the characters of a long running well acted movie franchise. There are a number of wonderful drug stores in NYC, which are more like boutiques that also fill prescriptions; I am thinking of Zitomer uptown and others such as Concord Chemists midtown, and New London in Chelsea, to name the most well known. But Bigelow's is very special because their landmark building and interior (1838) with its well polished thick glass counters and dark wood cabinetry keeps an early Victorian feel operating subliminally while you get lost in their well edited yet wide ranging selection of cosmetics, gifts, fragrances, bath and hair grooming products. Their private label includes hair, body and bath products, men's shaving cremes, essential, perfume and carrier oils, all of high quality ingredients, and still comparatively well priced. This summer they are emphasizing lemon and mint (aka mentha, in their labeling) which are thoughtfully refreshing choices for helping us deal with the hot and humid city streets outside their deeply air-conditioned oasis. They carry many new and traditional fragrances from i Profumi de Firenze, Carthusia, Tocca, Mistral, Miller Harris, Jo Wood, Diptyque and many others, and it is a pleasure to review all the imaginative and beautiful packaging, to browse the elaborate hair ornaments, costume jewelry and all kinds of special compacts and makeup bags, scented candles, aromatherapy, bath and home fragrance products. They also have a range of Kneipp, Foucaud, Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Valobra and Mustela, and a range of homeopathic remedies and interesting toothpastes (Marvis Jasmine Mint) varieties of pastilles and lozenges for the vocal cords of the singers among us. I noticed with interest that they carry Bumble and Bumble's aerosol hair powder in various colors, white, black, brown and red. I have yet to see many using hair powder but recently saw a woman who used pale kaolin clay powder in that manner, who then sculpted her long hair into an elaborate but casual up swept style that voluminously framed her pale face, so I am wondering if a return to certain 18th century hair aesthetics is about to seen again. Beauty patches are also sometimes available. Bigelows carries a selective range of all the best of the basics too, and still fill prescriptions with the kind of personal and unhurried individual attention not to be had at a chain drugstore.
Here are about 26 positive reviews from the locals, and a link to Bigelow's online site, with an partial selection of what they actually have in the store...
Above photo by Brian Dube, NYDP


Vetivresse said...

Lucy, I always check out Bigelow's when I make my weekly visit to Aedes des Venustas on Christopher Street. Great store and great blog. Check mine out at Vetivresse.com. Cheers!

chayaruchama said...

Hello, L !
I love the Copley Sq. one, though it lacks the original's quirky retro charm.
The sweet young things seem to enjoy my demented raving perfume 'tutorials', as we discuss all the various merits of their wares.
Sniff, sniff !

Please say I'll see you in October...

Lucy said...

It's great that you are so generous with your knowledge. It takes a lot to get that kind of background and overview.

I do plan on October, that will be fun, looking forward to it...

Noteworthy Fragrances said...

I loved your review on Bigelow's. It sounds like the perfect place to day dream and 'window shop' for so many unique products. I recently tried Jo Wood's line and love it, love it!

Great blog!

Fragrant best wishes,

Elena said...


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