June 7, 2007


Having accumulated some essences of excellent quality from Liberty Naturals and others over time, I have been fooling around and "making messes" as some would say -- tho there have been some wonderful "accidents" that I have been able to use for gifts and personal use.

Late last summer I had put together two concoctions. One was composed of clary sage, vetiver, frankincense, peru balsam and rose. It has been sitting these past months, and has a mild yet deep fragrance now that it has blended and aged.

The other day having entirely run out of hand cream I took about a tablespoon's worth and added it to a base of unscented heavy cream and mixed it in with a painting knife, and jarred it for my kitchen use. With my extra dry hands I need to apply heavy cream every time I've been in hot water.

Using this concoction has been really a pleasant experience, the fragrance has a mellow, wholesome soothing tone and something about the dry tang with the floral undertone wafting up from my hands as I go about the rest of my business relaxes me.

Times that I am painting I am so frequently changing my water to keep it clean and washing my brushes, the scented jar is something I keep open beside the sink so I can use it easily and the fragrance accompanies me back to my work. It also causes me to become very mindful of the natural aromatic and therapeutic elements entering my system through the skin.

It's pleasing to do some experimentation of this kind from time to time; it gives one respect for the accomplished artists of perfume, and it connects me more directly and deeply to the beauty of the materials. Also you can make very small batches, and try something new frequently.

Next time I think will try a mix of peppermint and some other herbal elements for a summer foot cream.

Above detail from a painting by van Huysmans, looks like the edge of a fragrant carnation to me...

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