June 3, 2007

Direct Inhalation and Sense Memories

Early this morning walking around a long circuit in Prospect Park, the humidity and sun rising higher called up the scents of the damp earth and leaves from the cool dark wooded areas out to the open sunny and hot paths.

The associative memories from those scents were both complex in the combination of all their many elements and simple in their buoyant and refreshing effect. I am sure this atmospheric perfume created a strong entry in my mental library of sense memories.

Such memories can be accessed best by direct inhalation, one of the simplest ways to enjoy the quality and power of scents. This method will instantly trigger a response in the brain, particularly in the amygdala. That area of the brain is the seat of the most primal, reactive emotions. That kind of focused deep breathing in of a scent calls forth a strong connection to associative memories and their benefits.

Palm inhalation, by rubbing a few drops of an essence vigorously between the hands, and then cupping over the nose, breathing deeply a few times, gives the strongest immediate effect. The remainder can be stroked into the hair or on the arms. The pleasant associative memories that you have created over time are the key to having the best experience with this method. I also recommend trying this with perfumes that use a high percentage of natural components too, such as those from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz or Liz Zorn, or Andy Tauer,  though the rubbing of the hands together is unnecessary in a blended alcohol based perfume.

Please be careful to use only one drop, because the strength and the alcohol of a blended perfume will be overwhelming otherwise.
Click here for an article from Scientific American on how all this works...
Above photo from Patrick C. Garner


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So happy to see you back..
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Thanks, dear, fevered indeed!