June 29, 2007

Ava Luxe

Ava Luxe is an artisan perfume line created by Serena Ava Franco, based on inspirations from modern culture, music and art. Her fragrances are currently available only online directly from her well organized site. Her products are extremely personal in that she does everything herself, from creation of each perfume to the packaging and shipment and customer service, which is amazing. There are a number of examples from each fragrance family, but because I am especially drawn to the mossy, woody and earthy types, I found certain samples that came my way recently particularly appealing. Midnight Violet represents "black violets in a twilight forest" and it imparts the ethereal sweet delicacy of violets overlaid on dark mossy and spiced woody and incense notes. It comes in a "luxe" edition which is individually hand blended and made to order. For all this the prices are still reasonable, probably because less is spent on advertising and promotion or anything other than the product itself. At this point I think her fan base is driven mostly by word of mouth and personal recommendation. Moss has that labdanum tone that I like so much, combined with spanish moss and oakmoss and other elements that lift it into freshness such as lime and lavender. Madame X is another labdanum combined with leather, and such things as fresh mown hay. There are many others whose titles intrigue me, such as Milk and Fire Wood, and Love's True Bluish Light, and I am very curious as to Linden Flower, especially with her description of it as floral with cucumber overtones. Her site gives all the notes of each perfume, a brief explanation of the inspiration behind it and a gradated pricing scheme based on a wider range of sizes than is usually available commercially. She gives samples with each order and also has a mechanism in place for ordering samples. Each fragrance comes in body products such as lotions and shower cremes which I have not yet tried but which have been reviewed elsewhere to be very strongly fragrant and of high quality ingredients. Many thanks to dear Chayaruchama, who was so kind as to send me a wonderful selection of Ava Luxe samples, among others, based on her discerning prediction of how much I would like them. Such creative generosity!
Her site can be accessed at www.ava-luxe.com


chayaruchama said...

So glad you love her work...
Much of what she does really wears well, and lasts.
Such quality.
I wish she were my neighbor !

Lucy said...

Dear C - so do I, I would be over there, helping her as much as possible!

Anonymous said...

Right now the shopping card is disabled and the site is down. Please tell me that she isn't going out of business! I love her scents!

Lucy said...

I just received an order from her -- I think she was on vacation for awhile, she's definitely still in business!

Lucy said...

Now I see on her MySpace site that she is done with perfume for the time being; working seven days a week has become too much -- I don't blame her but am so so sorry that she has decided to stop doing perfume. She is only 25 years old, quite a prodigy for coming up with all those wonderful fragrances, and doing everything herself! She is still selling her jewelry through Etsy. She will also ship something perfume wise if you contact her through that site if she has any left...I am sure this is not the last we will hear from the likes of her...

tracyellen1619 said...

I am seriously depressed. :( I just discovered her scents last summer and have really been enjoying them. The descriptions, the smell, the packaging...everything. I can't bear to go back to department store perfumes. Any other indie perfumers that you can recommend? This happened with my fave Soyology candles, too....suddenly went out of business and I never found out why. I really hope that Serena comes back to it.

Lucy said...

Hey, T,

I hope she comes back too!
I know of no one else so good at such as reasonable price. However, as one would expect, there are many who are wonderful at much higher prices (it could be the materials, etc.) so check out the Perfumed Court -- you can get the link on Perfume Posse and try some decants, or samples which are reasonably priced because they are small. I find if you order samples you can end up having enough different things to wear to last you quite awhile, and if you fall in love then spring for the full size...
As far as more casual fragrances go, I just tried Crazylibellule solid perfumes, Les Divines Alcoves and Shanghaijava, they are very very nice on me, not typical at all, and very reasonably priced. The Apivita EdTs (see my posting, especially about Euphoria) comparatively reasonable and lovely...

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