February 14, 2007

Ice Maiden/Снегурочка

It has turned icy cold here, and we need to protect our faces when we walk into the sleet and icy winds. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, with whatever works for you. What works for me is a thin coating of organic jojoba oil that sinks into the skin after a minute, and a good heavy scarf to pull over as much of the face as possible when facing the wind. A way to have fun with this weather is to reflect it in makeup. I love this photo of Irina, as an Ice Maiden. Please visit her site on Flickr. She tells the fairy tale, it is an old legend of the winter daughter of the warmer seasons who is melted by love. Appropriate for Valentine's Day, even though this particular day is especially cold, the season is turning and we will see Spring soon; I am keeping that in mind as I go out into the ice storm this morning. Her very pale pink lip color, the frosted white softened eye shadow color, the silver and crystal jewelry, all work together to emphasize her eyes, which peer out in their blueness. It conveys a feeling of frost or winter as a beautiful combination of color enhancing the face and its expressions. I think I will be trying this look myself today. Alchemy lip gloss in "Wild Alum" has an iridescent clear white sheen which works well layered over a very pale pink lip color, such as Clinque's "Angel Kiss". They are both, especially together, good to protect the lips in this harsh weather. A foundation color somewhat on the pale side and a light dusting of powder to matte and even gives a good background. I would choose a transparent frosted white eye color with a liner that has a pale blue tone, all smudged out to transparency. I use a transparent white by Aveda, also Christian Dior has a number of white transparent eye colors. I think using it all around the eyes and feathered out as Irina has done is very effective. The transparent iridescent colors for eyes and lips also look wonderful on much darker skin, which brings out their frosted quality.
If you are going to celebrate for the holiday, this is a festive and appropriate look for this cold stormy weather. Hope everyone has a good Valentines Day!

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Brian said...

Nice photo and post. I love the ice maiden concept and look.