January 20, 2007

Winterizing the Skin

The winter has suddenly hit hard around here, in Brooklyn. After all the balmy days, we are now dealing with teen degree wind chills and snow in the mornings. After awhile, in overheated interiors and drying cold weather, the skin gets dry and sometimes itchy. I find the best things for this are to remember not to take very hot water baths or showers, even if it does feel good momentarily, and to use products that contain colloidal oatmeal. Also for the lips, as much as I hate to say it, vaseline is the best, and if things start getting realy dicey, Carmex, or anything with real camphor in it, will keep things in hand. If you really can't deal with the petrochemical idea of these mineral oil based products, there are many wonderful hand made products of natural materials out there. Recently I discovered Etsy, the online site which offers hand made products, including lotions and soaps, directly. I like the idea of supporting the creative people out there, making their own soaps and lotions and lip balms. The prices are wonderfully reasonable, though the charges for shipping cut into that a bit, the totals are still much less than for the high end products out there available at retail, which don't have even a fraction of all the nutritive and wholesome ingredients these people are offering. I highly recommend trying this site, which also features art and home decoration products and clothing, hand made or vintage, on offer from around the country. The packaging and presentation is very appealing, and I await my first orders to see how good the customer service and delivery will be.
Etsy can be seen here. Above image from Wikipedia entry on Avena (oats).


chaya ruchama said...

What a terrific find, L- thanks !

Several of their products sound excellent, and we've all seen worse prices...even in the local CVS, et al.

Let us know how you like them...

Keep warm, hydrated, and lubricated [lol!].

Sending you big, cozy hugs from South Boston !

Anonymous said...

Hello Im a young person interested in making a range of natural and alcohol free perfumes, since I am very young at lol 13 and I cant quite bring myself to read all of your info I was wondering if you could help me with advice on the making of the oil body scents. I would be over the moon if you could email me with some info on how to make the oil mixture, I have already reasearched alot but im not quite there so if you are interested my email is katie__candie@hotmail.com ( 2 underscores)
thank you

Katie McCone
New Zealand

Lucy said...

Chaya, thank you for your good wishes, you are always so warm and kind.

Hi Katie, please follow this link:
to the Yahoo Group for Natural Perfumery, it is free and easy to join and there are many files that explain how to do what you are intersted in. Also there are hundreds of members who post messages you can ask any questions about blending oils and perfumes, they are very knowledgable and generous with what they know. I'm glad you are developing such a strong interest in making perfume.