December 8, 2006

Warm Winter Thoughts for Cold Days

It seems we are finally finished with the unseasonably warm days and have the first day of true winter today. Focusing on interior mental gardens can be a relaxing way to take advantage of the greater quiet, interior time winter brings. Here is a link to a guided meditation if you care to try it, that brings you into a garden entirely mentally self created, kind of a little vacation. (See the left sidebar - Secret Garden). Interior mental landscapes and memories often combine for me with scenes from paintings and tapestries of walled gardens, of a late gothic and medieval style. I think the stained glass quality of the colors and details are somehow very relevant to the richness of color and scents associative with the winter holiday season. Another nice little mental vacation I would like to recommend is to take a look through the paper version of the Aedes Magazine, (you can ask for it on their online site, also beautiful). The photography and descriptions and histories of all the wonderful perfumes are transporting, and a perfect place to look for gifts for all the avid perfumistas on your list. Thirdly, I would like to recommend this as the right time to focus on hair care. A good cut and rich conditioning treatments, self created or ready made, with some essential oil of jasmine or sandalwood brushed through weekly will stave off the static creating dryness that extremes of dry heat and cold wind will wreak. This is important to protect and bring out the rich color and texture that hair gives to frame the face and skin. These two ladies' hair is certainly as rich and beautiful as their exuberant crowns. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the name of the artist, but I would suspect it is either late gothic northern European or even an English remembrance of things past from the Victorian days, when illustrators and designers looked to the days before the industrial revolution for inspiration. Or even a modern interpretation for a fairy tale story. If anyone has any information as to the identity of these two, please let me know...

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chaya ruchama said...

Hello, lovely L !
Aren't those ladies exquisite...
Makes me want to rush out and become a 15th C. Flemish virgin !
Transcendent and dreamy.
[BTW, I keep my Aedes magazine under the bed, so I can peruse those artful photos]

Be well.