December 26, 2006

Essences and Animals

The use of flower essences is similar in theory to homeopathy, where the "essence" or "vibration" of the flower or the plant is captured and used therapeutically to strengthen a person or animal suffering an imbalance. Disease or discomfort is seen as a manifestation of an internal hormonal or chemical or psychological imbalance that becomes a physical or behavioral problem. Many people are devoted to the Bach Flower remedies, especially Rescue Remedy. Many of the flower remedies are based on traditional uses of the actual physical properties of the plants and flowers. I personally find it fascinating to read the very specific descriptions and prescriptions for all the different purposes. Here is a link to an extensive list with illustrations and descriptions, which also link to more extensive information on each flower's purpose. There are now many suppliers of essences and some veterinarians have also formulated blends for use with dogs, cats, birds, and horses. It is said that the animals are far more quickly and deeply responsive to treatment with flower essences than people are.
The Flower Society has a section on animal work and the flowers that will be helpful. Often there are no standard treatments for conditions of anxiety, which actually work without making matters worse, for both animals and humans. Often people who adopt rescued animals can't even know what has happened in the past to the animal, that has resulted certain nervous or fearful behaviors. There are many testimonials for the effectiveness of flower essences, especially for situations that require calming and soothing an alarmed animal. In any case, the act of gently caring for yourself or an animal has its own very powerful therapeutic effect, which strengthens the ability to recuperate and re-balance the internal chemistry. As we know, the emotions have an enormous effect, both positive and negative, on health and well-being.
Here is a link to an interesting site that offers essences derived from the spirit of certain powerful animals, for use on humans, so that they may access the strength and vitality of that archetypical being. Personally, I think I could use some Wolf or Owl, or Whale essence, myself...
Above illustration from the petsynergy website.

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