November 24, 2006

Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus

Jo Malone has a Christmas candle for the winter, Pine and Eucalyptus. The candle is very strong unlit, it has an uplifting, exciting effect, very much like taking deep breaths as you walk under evergreen branches, crushing the carpet of fallen needles and leaves under your feet as you go.

The room spray seems milder but it has the same elements, giving more of a sheer effect. It can double as a skin scent, however,  putting it on skin brings the slightly animal note of body heated natural scent to the mix, and adds more dimension in a really effective way, at least on me.

Because I was very pleased and intrigued by the candle I tried the room fragrance, though I did not expect the combination of the pine and eucalyptus to be appropriate or useful as a cologne.

As it happens, those two combine with skin to work together really well, still very uplifting but also leaving room for and adding the depth of the notes of one's natural skin.

In combination with those resinous clean fragrances the result is something much more interesting than what comes straight out of the flacon.

It is like the winter version of the clean citrus scents of summer, but with an invigorating effect to go with the colder weather, as opposed to the refreshing coolness that citrus notes give for a hot summer day. I would recommend the room spray/cologne for everyday use, appropriate for work and weekend casual wear. The candle is very intensely scented and would be wonderful to have for the holiday season.


Anya said...

ah, the uplifting, refreshing effect of terpenes, I love them. As a child I was mesmerized by the little pine tree mini-forest in the huge city park next to my home. I realized as soon as I walked 10 feet into it, the air was changed, it was energized, mesmerizing.

Most perfumers would shy away from a "pine, eucalyptus" scent because they are rather difficult to blend into something wearable, but it sounds as if JM has succeeded. The addition of the synergy with human skin sounds intriguing, and I shall try to check this one out. Thanks for the heads-up on an unusual combo fragrance (outside of the medicine cabinet ;-)

Zz said...

I love these kinds of blends. My Chado perfume oil has a cypress, galbanum and pepper top note. Very fresh and uplifting. Although most folks opt for the florals when making a purchase. I do have a special fondness for the people who buy the Chado or Marcco, which is ginger and basil with mint. I guess it all goes back to my teens when I fell in love with a particiular rain scent. Can't remember who made it but it was very fresh and uplifting. Not at all sweet or flowery.
I have not tried any of the Jo Malone scents, but do like where she is going with her line. Always coming out with something unique and at the same time simple and fresh.

Lucy said...

Hi Anya and ZZ,
those notes are really intense and nice to find used successfully in a fragrance. I like Jo Malone' backstory, too, that she started out by doing personal work on clients, like facials and body treatments, for many years and developed her ideas over time and from a lot of direct experience...

deantiquer said...

Well, technically, this scent is available in what Jo Malone calls a "living cologne". It's not intended for personal use--it's intended to be a room spray, to scent your living area, I suppose. Anyway, depending on my mood, this one either reminds me of Christmas, or pine sol. I especially like it at this time of year.