October 29, 2006


As most of us know already, water is truly the elixir of life, making up more than 75% of our bodies and brains, permeating each cell; all thoughts take place in a watery atmosphere within, and all are refreshed and renewed by contact with it.

It's good sometimes when so much invested in complex fragrances to simply refrain for a day, to renew and resharpen the senses so that in going back to them, we are not always dulled by overexposure and overuse of too many sensations from strong appeals to this direct pathway to the brain.

Immersion in water in any form is the best way to accomplish this most completely. Now that it is getting a bit colder, it would be good to use the hot mineral springs that abound, made by rain water filtering down through rock and earth and heated by magma, infused with minerals that actually have healing properties for the skin.

These monkeys in Japan take full advantage of the hot springs in the mountains during the cold season, so I think this goes to show how primal a pleasure this activity can be.

I recently saw a very understated indie film called "Old Joy" where the most transcendent part was when the two conflicted main characters finally get to a hidden hot spring in the woods and soak themselves into silent peace. In the summer there are many natural swimming holes fed by streams throughout the countryside, as well as the shore besides the most therapeutic water of all, the ocean.

The American Indians have used all the hot springs throughout the country for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. Here is a link with a number of recipes and traditions for hot salt and mineral baths in the home, purifying the skin and calming the mind, and another good reference link to hot springs in the U.S. and Canada, and also international springs and natural spa locations.

Above: Igokudani Hot Spring in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Photo by Yosemite 14 Feb 2005, Wikipedia Commons

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chaya ruchama said...

Dear L-
That's our family photo, right there !
I was SO excited...
I've always wanted to be one of these beauties, and live in Hokkaido...
As a girl, I used to swim, in wintertime, in the river w/ my seven dogs , for fun, and invigoration !

loved this post...

Anonymous said...

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