October 30, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Halloween, I wanted to present a few ideas that might be nice for those who care to celebrate the day appropriately.  I can think of none more appropriate in style than the Gothic population across the land.

These very interesting and very highly aesthetically developed types have many fashion outlets across the land, and today they will come into their own. There are also a number of handmade and niche market perfume and candle makers who cater to the trade.

Any of of the almost countless scents from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab could perfume all the many Goth inspired accessories on Etsy for your basic, vegan, cruelty free gothic Halloween experience.

If you think ahead you can dry your dark red roses upside down til they turn black and then give them to whoever may deserve them.  Or perfume the silk ones for your hair.

 Gothic Nails are a whole subject onto themselves, sharp, black or dark red, very long, fragile, and requiring exquisite care. I

If you wish to invest in a useful gothic garment, I recommend a custom made cloak from this company (particularly like the floor length white velvet one as an alternate to the constant black note we are playing here today).

Morticia's Attic is a provider of fun handmade and altered clothing and accessories for that dark look most appropriate for Halloween.

I always much admired Morticia of the Adams Family, especially her mincing walk in that skin tight black dress she always wore, she always seemed very happy in her marriage to Gomez, who was so crazy about her.

If you really want to go all out, I would recommend a set of vampire contact lenses (the violet ones of course) to go with your heavily scented cloak and thin pale face.  if you have time, make yourself this miniature coffin purse to carry your mad money in.

Above, a Gomez and Tish portrait from The Adams Family

Copyright 2006 Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved

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