October 27, 2006


Sometimes despite ourselves, in the midst of preoccupations, run-on thinking, speeding ahead, sometimes too resistant to see or appreciate what is around us, we are drawn out by some simple beauty that just happens. Such as the particular color of the light at the "magic hour" of 4pm, the sound of a voice, the smell of baking bread.

Perfume is the deliberate composition of beauty, and our response to particular forms, such as the chypre, the floral, the resinous, the woody, the herbal, the citrus, and their combinations equals information about our ourselves; our mind, emotional state, physicality, i.e, personality.

I think it's very informative as to our true mental and emotional state to note those perfumes and natural substances that call to us, and reach us most directly with their beauty at any particular time.

Right now, personally I am most drawn to pepper, ginger, nutmeg/clove, black tea, bergamot, cedar, amber, oak moss, vetiver, all of the balsams and resins, cocao absolute, leather, tobacco, sandalwood, rosemary, clary sage, rose and rose geranium, and all fragrances with a comforting dark undertone combined with a high pitched biting quality to the top notes that mellow down smoothly over time, without any sweetness whatsoever.

Above, special limited edition Caron "Poivre" 2005

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chaya ruchama said...

Oh, L-
I think you're feeling the seasonal siren song, as I am.
Are you familiar w/ the Mendelssohn duet "Herbstlied" ?
It perfectly expresses the wistful imminence of winter approaching stealthily.
I find myself singing it as I walk in the wind, saying farewell to my beloved cormorants, who will soon be going south...

Yes, I see how smitten w/ Poivre you are- how can one help it?
Troubling, profound, smoky !

Have a great w/e-