August 30, 2006

Summer Ends

Today felt like the end of Summer. Fall as a new season, always seems like the real New Year to me. Even if there will yet be many very warm days the clarity of the air has a different feel to it that signifies a change of season.

Myriad new fragrances have been launched in the niche and the commercial markets. The fashion world brings out its pronouncements in the thickest magazine issues of the year. Schools start. Certain colors come out of hiding, particularly the amethyst plum tones and dark browns, wines and deep reds, turning toward bronze and then sere into neutrals later. Still there is a sense of abundance, harvest and fruition. Even at the edges of the city the wild things are clinging and thriving, beach plums, tall grasses and cottonwood trees grow near the Brooklyn Bridge and add their filters and color to purify the air and attract birds and pollinators.

In the city it is the beginning of the social and art seasons again, the galleries start their new shows, the new publishing and film releases will be different in feel and kind than those offered for the summer. New York comes into its own. For a scent it is now more the time to move to the amber, resinous, woody and spice notes, and also to mimic the current natural peak for lilies and ginger and peaches. Oceans of Mitsouko.

Above photo: Brooklyn Bridge Park


chaya ruchama said...

Dear Luccia-
Loved the park, and your reference to "The Collector"...

I bought Mitsouko for myself when I was 12, and haven't stopped loving it yet.
I concur with your fall preferences-

A propos of ginger and peaches: Saturday's birthday cake for my son is his choice [and maybe,yours],a butter-based cake laden with brandy-drenched peaches and candied ginger- afterwards, you ladle Grand Marnier on it while still warm [usually bake it in a castle-shaped Bundt form].It also uses part ground almonds as flour...

Want to join us?

Lucy said...

Ah, you caught the reference to The Collector! That's very gratifying.
Cake sounds lovely. Thank you for the invitation, that is so kind of you.
Please send me your email - mine is so I can contact you directly --

Anonymous said...

Lovely portrait of the season change. Wish it were more evident here in the SW.

For me, there will also be oceans of Femme, which will always capture autumn/winter for me. - minette

Anya said...

Do you mean the movie The Collector? I missed the reference, what is it?

Having lived in the tropics for most of my adult life, I must say I enjoy there not being a change of seasons that is very noticable. There are slight variations, but nothing like I remember growing up in the NE

Of course, most of my memories are of scent! The leather school briefcase I carried, where I would open it frequently just to breath in the scent, the cedarwood pencils, the starched scent of my clothes...ahhhh.

It's also my birthday time of year, and the crisp air, not laden with heavy summery humid water molecules departing seemed to harken the awakening that I associate with Autumn and celebrations.

And yes, the start of the concert and party season!

Lucy said...

Hi Anya - the Collector was a movie, but I was thinking of the book, by John Fowles, one of my favorites. I highly recommend it if you have not read it. It's a psychological thriller about for one thing (like all good books many layered with many meanings) the conflict between two totally different personalities, one captive but stronger, and a weak one that is unfortunately in charge. There comes a point where the main character, a beautiful young woman, decides she will try to use seductive means to win her freedom from a totally uncomprehending but determined and compulsive captor, hypersensitive in his own right, but in a very different way than she is. To that end, she applies "oceans of Mitsouko" which seems to have an additionally intoxicating effect along with the wine she has manipulated them into drinking, but ultimately to a very different effect than she could imagined. I may post on this writer another time, The French Lieutenant's Woman was also wonderful and has a lot of sensual detail used to convey emotional and philosophical information.