July 16, 2006

Day of Rest

As a day of rest - Sunday, for example, can be taken sometimes as a break or a vacation from wearing fragrances.

Sometimes it's good to give the nose and body a space of time that allows the body to clear itself and the nose to rest enough to be sharp again.

Essences and fragrances do enter the body and too much of a good thing every day can get to be too much, which can lead to sensory exhaustion and the reverse effect of dulling rather than excitement of the senses.

Also you still experience fragrances by being among other people, in a heightened way, walking around everyone else's fragrances will be more evident and the scents of food and plants and whatever the air is carrying will be more discernable.

I found this happening last night as I walked around little Italy in NYC, with other women's perfumes, tobacco, warm food and fruit on display, urban street smells coming at me from all directions in wave on successive wave on the humid summer air.  They were all the more noticeable since I was not enveloped in my usual personal cloud of fragrance.

Once we take a short period of absence, the heart and senses are keener when we begin again with the stronger and renewed experience of our own favorite perfume.

Above photo of NYC Little Italy street vendors, for map and information see here...

Copyright 2006 Lucy Raubertas, All Rights Reserved


Zz said...

Interestingly, as a perfumer, I am not a perfume junkie. I may wear scent a couple of times pr. week at the end of a work day.
I never wear scent during the day, since that is when I am in my studio working.
My favorite smells are those of nature. Summer rain, morning dew, flowers in bloom, freshly turned soil, and the dry crisp woodiness of Autumn.

I suppose if I were in NYC, I would love the many scents coming from vendors and the general, cosmopolitan feel of a city.
But as it is here, I rarely go into the city.

Lucy said...

Makes sense, ZZ, since your nose has to be clear to work on making your fragrances...yes, the city has its own fragrance, which can be high in summer, but if you are lucky can be pretty exciting and inspiring when the right conditions converge...